Saturday, September 11, 2010

Meeting Uncle "Ick"

We have been looking forward to having Tom's brother {and hopefully soon the rest of the Eric Tillotson family!} meet our monsters! Briggy was practicing how to say "uncle eric--but most of the time it came out as ICK!" Eric was here in Dallas on business and was able to spend a little time with us. I had to get the pictures of the boys separate because Briggy was covered head to toe in yummy pizza Eric brought over to eat and watch football--and Ollie was just about ready for bed. I'm horrible about getting pictures and always forget, and I was on a mission!
Eric also bought the boys realllllly snazzy shoes--actually, ollies first pair of sneakers--that they will be able to wear on sunday!

messy pizza face watching football!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Preschool Blog!

I thought I would dedicate some "free time" to compile all the resources ive been gathering and post our daily preschool info, ideas and more that I am doing with briggy. If you have toddler age kids, I think you will find it a helpful resource!!

I know its mostly just a few family members and friends that check our family blog, but if you let your friends know about it and i get a good amount of followers, ill be able to do some fun giveaways. I had been approached a few times when I had my homemaking blog about some sponsorships and giveaways, but I wasn't that into the that blog--but im really gun-ho about activities for briggy {and soon ollie} and i'm hoping for more followers!