Monday, April 28, 2008

danielle's graduation luau stuff

jessie and i are throwing our little sister danielles graduation party! we decided on a fun tropical theme. i started hunting for decorations the other day. this is mainly to show jessie what i have so far, if youre wondering why i took a picture of a pile of stuff!

(ps--those bowls are stripped like the flip flop trays)

this week im going to buy a ton of tiki torches and more chinese lanterns.

another favorite outfit!

i absolutely love all of these gymboree critters. briggy's friends include, hedgehogs, gophers, ants, camels and those hot-dog shaped puppies!
here's a little gopher digging up some turnips!
...and i just had to zoom in on these little piggies! i love his little feet--his little smiles are so precious when you give them a little tickle!

one of my favorite outfits

ever since i bought this little camel sleeper, i have been so excited to see brigham in it---finally he fit into this week!!! i love the colors and the cute camel..and of course my deliciously cute baby!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

All cleaned up!

I just thought he looked so flippin cute the other day after we gave him a quick bath. I have the messiest 2 month old ever. He spits up so much, its a constant battle to keep him clean and not smelly and stinky. (sorry, brig!)
I cant wait til he starts eating cereal soon...i'll have to bathe him three times a day! breakfast lunch and dinner!

Hot! Hot! Hot!

I couldn't help take a picture of how silly my son looks! Ive been putting socks over his little claws! Im so nervous to clip them again since last time I cut him a few times. It has been so warm these past few days, we had him just in his diaper one very warm evening! it looks like he's nakey with socks. *I clipped his nails yesterday, so no more embarrassing socks for the moment*

Briggy's vaccine day

Last tuesday Briggy got his first round of shots. Before we left I "drugged" him up. As soon as I gave him the tylenol he pretty much fell asleep. He was pretty tough when it came to the shots. He let out one big yelp--and his face was redder than a radish. But right after he snuggled up in my arms and calmed right down. The rest of the day was daddy-briggy bonding time watching american idol while i was at jocelyn's baby shower. its weird how only being away from him for a couple hours seems like an eternity---i dream about getting away sometimes, because he's always latched on to me one way or another...but when i do get that moment away all i think about is him! my little barnacle, thats what jessie calls him. hes such a good boy.

later that night Tom and Briggy were passed out. Poor Tom. He leaves for school at like 7 am, then goes straight to work, then comes home at 8 pm. After a quick dinner, he's usually passed out soon after. At least they get to snooze together!

Monday, April 14, 2008

oh happy day!

today was a great day! although brigham was bright-eyed about 7:30 am and was pretty much awake until his first real nap around 5:30 PM....we had a lot of time to play. While I was attempting to get him to nap in the pack n play, he was starting to coo and make cute little happy noises while looking at his little musical monkey toy I have set up in his line of vision. So I went over to admire how cute my son was being and started shaking a rattle in front of him making silly faces and saying silly things. and YEA! it finally happened! He smiled a real smile--I am sure of it. His first real "happy baby" smile and not just "i have a lot of gas" smile! I grabbed the camera and tried to recreate the moment and I actually did get one more big smile out of him. the day before his two month birthday! he finally got in a couple milestones I was hoping he'd conquer! now if only he could conquer a full nights sleep......

Thursday, April 10, 2008

3 little monkeys!

One of my best friends, Mariah came last week with her husband Jon, and children, Jaden and Brianna. Brianna got sooo jealous when Mariah was holding Brigham--she thought he was taking her spot as baby in the family! I felt so bad for her! Hopefully if they have another baby soon, she'll take to the idea better!

Tillotson Men

All three Tillotson men were conked out after Brigham's blessing!

(oops, briggy isnt in the pic! but i can assure you he was snoozing away!)

Pictures from Brigham's Blessing

On March 30th, Brigham was blessed in the Springfield Ward! Both set's of grandparents came as well as auntie dozie and uncle nicky! We had a really nice day. The weather was beautiful. We grilled some hamburgers and hot dogs, yummy salads and of course, auntie's bright blue cupcakes. Brigham was quiet throughout the blessing and sacrament and was deemed "handsome" by everyone! A special thanks to Matt and Travis who came from different wards to take part in the blessing. My favorite part of the Blessing is when Tom said Brigham will be an obedient boy, and also an obedient man. When he said that I had all these flashes of Briggy growing up, how handsome and sweet he will be, serving as a missionary, marrying some sweet molly mormon girl in the temple....he's only a few weeks old and I'm already marrying him off! just joking---he's going to be with mamma forever. Next tuesday I'll be able to report about his two month check up, but I do know right now he is 10 lbs. (I had his rash checked out by the doctor the other day--nothing major at all)