Monday, April 20, 2009

Briggy's woodland wonderland...

When we knew we were going to buy a house, we (okay, maybe more I) started to plan out what each room's "theme"/"color scheme" would be. Ever since Briggy's birth my family and I have been buying Briggy little "woodland creature" toys and stuffed naturally I wanted to create a woodland/camping theme for his big boy room. Well, after some searching online, I found the CUTEST line from Woolrich. They sell it at Target. The only thing is, its a little pricey, so instead of going crazy and buying every piece my sister (thanks, jess) brought be back down to earth and suggested I just buy pieces of it and supplement it with cheaper matching bed spreads. Briggy won't be able to have the bedding and bed accessories until he's 2 when we move him to a big boy bed, but I plan on decorating his room with everything else during these next few weeks. The only thing I haven't found was a cute fake-log-fire set. I wanted to create a little sitting space that had the pretend flames....Its not a nessecity, but I thought it'd be cute.

We were debating on what color to paint his room. At first I thought a khaki-ish color like a scouting uniform, because I didn't want a cliche blue boys room. But then after thinking about how the tree decals would look, we thought a sky-colored back drop would be best. We found "Calm Sky" from Olympic paint which is a really nice color. Its not too 'baby blue'...its very realistic and earthy.
Here are the pine tree decals I plan on buying from I think I'll put about 3 of them up throughout the room:

I have a brown faux suede curtain panel for his room right now, but I'd like to top it with the valance from the woolrich line:

The REALLY cute twin quilt set its like 90 bucks, so I think I'll forego that and settle for a brown comforter set...but I think I might get these sheets:

Here's just a cute accent pillow from the woolrich line:

I just think this is so cute! I knew I wanted to incorporate lanterns in the room, but I wasnt sure how---so glad I came across this woolrich line!

The COOLEST PART! At first I envisioned a corner with a little pup tent and the log fire going...but then I saw these! These tents go OVER the bed, making there bed a tent! Isn't that soo cool? Can't you picture Briggy in a couple years with a flash light flipping through some books under there?

I think I want to add those glow stars on the ceiling too, to make it look like the night sky, and Im not sure if I want to paint the ceiling a darker blue, what do you think?

Briggy and Oliver will share the room when Ollie is 2, so Briggy will have his own room for awhile, but I think the room will look best when the two of them with their cool tents are together :)

I can't wait to get it all together for my little camper :)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter/14 month birthday!

Well, I still haven't found my camera battery charger, but we bought a disposable camera for easter and I was able to put the prints on a cd, so voile! I can now share my Briggy with you!

Here's a pic of Briggy and Oliver's baskets before Briggy was able to attack them! Oliver got mostly clothes and small toys. Briggy on the other hand, got all big boy toys! Balls, Bubbles, Puzzles, Ring toss:

On the 15th, Brigham turned FOURTEEN MONTHS OLD!!! I can't believe how time is zooming and how fast he's growing. Brigham had a rough 13th month. He had a cold, an ear infection and now either a cold or allergies...we're not quite sure. We found out through trial and error that Brigham is actually allergic to Penicillian (they gave him amoxicillan as the antibiotic for his ear infection) The antibiotic they gave him (Omniceff) ended up giving Briggy really bad diarrea for about 2 weeks--he actually lost a little over a pound because of it! My poor little man. So he's back down to 21 pounds, but gaining weight slowly but surely. I've been guilty of adding a little butter on his bread and waffles just to boost up his fat intake...I got freaked out when the doctor told me about the weight loss.
Brigham is "sort of walking" Its strange really--he's been cruising since 8 months, around his one year took a few steps....then he sort of stopped for the 13 month (I think it had to do with him feeling so cruddy) but now hes taking 3-5 steps at a time, then plopping down. His hair is getting a little long and with the heat and humidity out here, it tends to curl a little on the sides by his ear and in the back....I think its about time I take him to get a little snip!
He's picked up (finally!) a few signs--more and all done. He can wave really well and say "hi" (sometimes) and he says "Yea! and yeahhhhh!" when he claps, and of course "Dadda" 24-7. I have been working on him to say Ball and Bubble....but no such luck yet.
He loves Elmo, Curious George and Sid the Science kid. He is still taking two naps a day (sort of) the second nap is a sometimes....he loves bath time with all his fun toys!
He loves to collect things, especially like-items and piles them up. He tries to hold everything he possibly can in his hands and gets the greedy-mischevious look in his eye (especially with his cinna-graham cookies) but if you open your mouth, he is always kind and generous and will share his smushed half eaten cookie with you---yum yum!

He is just as sweet as always--waving, flirting, kissing and hugging. He is such a little love bug! Everyone...I mean EVERYONE! comes up to him young girls, moms, old women, men, old name it! To cuddle and play with him--there is just something so endearing about him and he always has a fun big smile on his face! We all just can't get enough of Brigsy!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Finally Connected!

Its been a long time coming, but we are finally connected. We have gone a few weeks without tv, internet, home phone, no car....I was trapped in this big house with Briggy and a TON of boxes....needless to say cabin fever started to kick in but we are back in action with all sources of media and transportation. I can't wait to get back to blogging, I've missed out! The only upset is I can't seem to find the battery charger to my phone...If I can't find it this week we are going to have to look into buying a new one.
Anyway, stay tuned for some cute pictures of my little guy :)