Saturday, December 26, 2009

Our first Texas Christmas!

Oliver's first christmas, and our first Texas Christmas. It was a nice day full of playing!!! Briggy and Ollie made out like bandits thanks to a *frugal* mrs. claus, and generous family members!
We tried to not think about how much we missed our families--but that didn't last long. It just doesnt seem like a holiday without grandmas and grandpas, aunts, uncles, cousins....hopefully we'll get more used to it being this was still a lot of fun--of course Briggy always adds an element of fun and disaster to any occasion. Tom dressed up as Santa so the boys would get a sneak peek at the Big guy in Red that gave them so many fun toys! Briggy was pretty much oblivious to Santa, and just wanted to look at and open presents! It took him a little while to figure out how to open the presents--its OKAY to rip, Brigs!!! I had said that so many times, because he kept looking at me like we were doing something wrong by shreading the paper! Once he got the hang of it he went WILD!

The last little bit of snow left on the ground Christmas morning! (We got a dusting the day before)

Christmas eve....

Oliver Eats!

These are from last week. Oliver really wasn't liking the cereal this day or the few days after that I tried. We took a break, but I think I'll be starting it up again this week but instead of cereal I think I might try banana or avacado. We'll see. Still nursing him every 3-4 hours!!! (ahhh! was hoping he'd be sleeping through the night by now...wishful thinking, I guess)

One of my visiting teachers, Sarah, made these adorable gifts for the boys! The bibs are sooooooooo adorable! The crayon-roll is perfect for mister artiste, brigham!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Santa's workshop!

When my oldest sister and I were younger, we always dedicated a week right around this time of year to making all things Christmas. We pretended we were elves, decorated, crafted, listen and sang to christmas was all very organized its one of my favorite christmas time memories/traditions.
I carried on the tradition with the boys starting this week. We made gingerbread houses, cut and pasted lots of construction paper loops, dressed up in elf & santa gear, and rocked out to Christmas music. We still have plenty days left to go, but I thought I'd post up a couple from these past few days!

Hmmm...the pictures I took of today arent loading for some reason....I'll have to try to fix it and add more later....

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Santa baby!

I bought this little hat last year at the Christmas Tree shop (of course) it was marked down to like 10 cents, so I grabbed it..but when I got home I realized it was for your pet!!! I was only a month or so pregnant with Ollie so I thought a tiny baby would fit it--why not!? :) I had to stretch it a bit, but I got it on his head! and the little strap that goes around his chin kind of looks like a santa beard!! I hope to get some pics of Santa Brig and Ollie tonight in front of the tree--Its really hard to get Briggy to sit still for a pic....but I'll try my best!!

Its beginning to look alot like Christmas!!

Right after Thanksgiving dinner was done, I started searching and pulling out all of our Christmas boxes. I am convinced we are missing a box, because there are quite a few decorations I remember buying last year at the Christmas Tree shop Clearance sale that are no where to be found--and I know Grandma T gave us a gingerbread house kit and I can't find that either...I am going crazy looking for it, but I've checked every nook of the garage and all the storage closests and NOTHING! The decorations are a little sparse in the front room area (and non-existent) on our front porch area except for a wreath--I hope I can snag some good clearance deals after the holidays this year...I REALLY WISH we had a Christmas Tree Shop down here in TX....

Our Christmas Tree! Nestled in the corner of our family room--Hopefully Briggy can keep his paws off the decorations, he's been pretty good so far...I have to take some picture of him and Oliver in front of the tree later tonight....

Our entryway table.

A little arrangement on our diningroom table. I made the two little cardinals smooching!

We made these plates the other night during an Enrichment activity! I love vinyl lettering!!! I thought this font was fun and so adorable. It'll be a tradition for us to put cookies on the cute plate every year!!

Going up the stairs to the "kid zone" I put up some kid-friendly decorations. Auntie Amy, Uncle Jeff and Addy gave us the nativity scene last year, fun fun fun!


Here are some fun photos of the boys playing. Briggy loves playing with the boxes that I have been getting lately--i've been doing A LOT of online shopping! Last night I placed my lassssssssssssttttt order...I'm DONE!
Oliver is growing like a weed! He really loves the Jumperoo--it's definitely his favorite thing to do! He is really good with tummy time, but hasn't attempted to roll over yet....I think he's too heavy! He loves sitting up, and likes to have his feet planted on the ground and pretend to walk--I wonder if he'll be one of those babies who never crawls and just starts walking!!! Briggy was a crawling machine, so we'll have to wait and see over the next month or two....