Thursday, March 25, 2010

Easter Craft Eggstravaganza!

I do a lot of craft projects with Briggy because he loves doing "art" and it really helps him focus. For each holiday I always do special projects, and lately I thought we should invite friends over to do it, and make it a kid-craft party....(we had a fun valentines party last month, but i forgot to take picturs :/ I made sure to get a few today!) I invited a few friends from the ward and they made bunnies and treat-nests. For a special treat Briggy gave each friend a "carrot" filled with jelly beans and some peeps for his peeps. (you can find this freebie download here: )

(Ollie is MIA from the pictures because he was snoozin' away! he takes his morning nap from 9 am-11:30)
It was a fun morning. Briggy's already had his fair share of "annnndddeeeee!" today and its only 1 pm ;/

Here are a few springy decorations I put up. I was hoping to have an easter egg tree, but that looks like it'll have to wait til next year.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Awesome Baby Products Giveaway!

I had to stop and think for a second and change my post title. Originally I had "Awesome Baby Giveaway!" There will be NO GIVING OF BABIES---okay, maybe Briggy...just for a few hours! ;)

One of my favorite coupon blogs, DealfindingChik is having such a nice giveaway. Every day she posts a ton of awesome deals that keep my grocery/everything budget WAY IN CHECK! (under budget most of the time!) With awesome ladies like her I have saved over $1300 so far this year (thats less than 3 months!!!!!!!!!) She's giving tons of much need practical baby stuff--wipes, soap, name it. check out the link here....and seriously check her site everyday she always has great stuff posted!!! (my favorite deal from this past week was the bow tie and clip on tie for the boys I ordered online for A DOLLAR because of the coupon code she posted---perfect for church and not a ton of money!)


Deal Finding Chik

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Snacky-Snack Time

Oliver [just turned 8 months old yesterday!] loves puffies and cheerios. He starts to shake when you show them to him--its hilarious! Briggy loves JELLY sandwiches. He won't eat the slice if it has PB on it.....but I started to trick him and put a thin layer of PB then a thicker layer of JELLY over each slice so he can't see the PB--He needs all the protein and fat he can get! We have NAKED PBJ sandwiches at the Tillotsons---at least for Briggy because they are INCREDIBLY MESSY. It makes cleaning up a lot easier!

It SNOWED a couple inches here last night in TEXAS. What the HECKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!?!?! Its supposed to be in the 60s and 70s this week--I can't believe we started the Spring Season off with snow! :/

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St Patricks Day!!!

Today has been a fun day so far. I decided to start a little tradition this year of "Lenny the Leprachaun" My dad always nicknamed us funny names, and for some reason he always called my sister Jessie "Lucky Lenny or Len" so the name came to me when Briggy and I were making pictures of Leprachauns earlier this week. So I devised up this story that if we drew a beautiful rainbow Lenny would leave treasures at the end of the rainbow. And because leprachauns are so small, we had to put the picture where Lenny could easily see it. So last night Briggy and I went through all our colored markers and made a rainbow. (Briggy pretty much knows all of his colors--he gets a little goofed on purple and black, but other than that hes good)
This morning we hurried downstairs to see if Lenny found our Rainbow!

I can't believe Oliver will be 8 months on Saturday! He's not crawling or cruising around like Briggy was at his age, but hes getting the hang of sitting unsupported for a minute or two--hes just taking his sweet time. Thats kind of the over all personality he has. (He is VERYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Tom) Where is Briggy is much more like how I was as a toddler. Oliver is such a sweetheart. Such an observer---and LOVES PUFFIES! He literally starts to shake when you pull out the container and he starts going nuts and grabbing them like a free for all when you put them in front of him--its hilarious! This boy does not miss a meal! We had to purchase a convertible carseat (we actually got another one just like the one Briggy has) because he has exceeding the weight and height limit of our infant carrier! Oliver is about 20-20 1/2 lbs and Briggy is 30. Both my boys are growing like weeds!!!

Briggy looks so like hes up to no good in this picture. Hes got something all over his face--which I have no idea what it was---maybe twisler juice because I let him gnaw on one.....and he just tipped over his bike. Whoops!

Stay tuned for Oliver 8 month pictures and Naked PBJ...I'll post those tomorrow :)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lucky Charms

I felt I needed to make at least one more little st patty's project so I rifled through some old frames I had and found these long skinny green ones I bought from the Christmas tree shop many moons ago (Gee-golly I wish we had that store out here...I have been having major withdrawls.) They had a nice spring embroidery saying, but were clearanced to 25 cents each, so I bought.....8. I've painted a few black and have an idea to jazz up my dining room walls, but it was already green and distressed, so that meant alot less work for me!
My little charm tags are of Briggy and Ollie's thumb prints (that are supposed to look like shamrocks....that wasnt as easy to accomplish as I thought it would be!) I think it turned out cute.

Briggy had fun coloring and glue-sticking some shamrocks! Im excited for all the green and Irish fun, but looking forward to making a few Easter projects in the very near future!

(dont mind my sideways fridge shot)
I found this fun St Patricks craft party at this great blog!!!! I love looking at everyones crafts!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Lucky Mama

I really am a lucky mama. My two boys are the sweetest, cutest little guys I know.
Getting in the St. Patricks mood with some shamrock crafts today with Briggy. Last year I had this post
And I'm on the hunt for new and fun St Patty's crafts. Let me know if you find anything fun!