Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lucky Charms

I felt I needed to make at least one more little st patty's project so I rifled through some old frames I had and found these long skinny green ones I bought from the Christmas tree shop many moons ago (Gee-golly I wish we had that store out here...I have been having major withdrawls.) They had a nice spring embroidery saying, but were clearanced to 25 cents each, so I bought.....8. I've painted a few black and have an idea to jazz up my dining room walls, but it was already green and distressed, so that meant alot less work for me!
My little charm tags are of Briggy and Ollie's thumb prints (that are supposed to look like shamrocks....that wasnt as easy to accomplish as I thought it would be!) I think it turned out cute.

Briggy had fun coloring and glue-sticking some shamrocks! Im excited for all the green and Irish fun, but looking forward to making a few Easter projects in the very near future!

(dont mind my sideways fridge shot)
I found this fun St Patricks craft party at this great blog!!!! I love looking at everyones crafts!