Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween FHE

On monday, our family home evening was a lot of fun. We of course incorporated halloween into it, so we carved pumpkins and drew pictures, practiced how to trick or treat and ate yummy pumpkin cookies. We centered the lesson around sharing and giving...since you give candy to those who ask and knock at your door!

Give to him that asketh thee, and from him that would borrow of thee turn not thou away
Matthew 5:42

I had the scripture written on a piece of paper (that he colored on) Im thinking about doing one of those scripture color pages every monday and at the end of 52 weeks laminate them and make them into a little book. We'll see!
Anyway, here are pics of the night.
ps-I love my halloween apron!!!!
pps--our camera totally died after taking these pictures so I jetted off to walmart and bought a new camera. Another kodak...the cheapest one, but it has more than double the megapixels than our old one--so it'll be awesome to us!

Briggy's first sloppy joe!!

I have been having a really hard time getting briggy to eat beef and vegetables--so I pureed some carrots and cauliflower and added it to the tomato sauce with the beef slapped it on a roll, and hoped for the best!
Briggy loved it! he ate so much, I was soooo happy. Hmm, maybe tomorrow we'll have it again, we havent had it since I took this pic a few weeks ago!


I usually give Briggy his juice/water and snack around 4-4:30 pm everyday. Well, this day I was a little late caught up doing something on the computer. I had the cheezits out on the counter and planned on giving them to him, but had forgotten. Briggy was sitting with me in the computer room when all the sudden I noticed he disapeared...a minute later I see him nibbling on some crackers on the futon thats in the office...he just couldnt wait for his snack, and if mom wouldnt give it to him, he'd find a way! I thought I'd just go with it and let him eat from the box...but of course it didn't end well!

Briggy plays dress-up

This day was so cute. Briggy ran into our bedroom closet and pulled out a few of toms items that were in his reach...I was in the kitchen, when out comes briggy trying to put on daddy's clothes--as I was taking the photos I kept thinking I would think this was staged if I just saw the pics...but I promise, he did this on his own! I think almost every little kid has a picture of themselves dressing in their mom or dads clothes--(It was still pretty hot when I took these pics..late september...thats why you'll see briggy alot half dressed!)

This was after a family lunch at Jack-in-the-box! Briggy made good use of the halloween bucket as his hat! He was doing it in the restaurant and had every laughing and clapping as he put it on and off on and off on and off....thats pretty much all he did the rest of the day, and of course checked himself out in the mirror doing it too!

Oliver smile-fest

Oliver first started smiling right around his 2nd month birthday. Id say this was around Sept 25th--since that was the day my camera decided to stop uploading pictures to my computer! thats the reason all of these photo's are over a month old now...anyway, here he is waking up from his nap. what a doll.