Thursday, July 31, 2008

My little Taquito

As many of you have witnessed, my son is a rolling-scooting machine. He refuses to stay in one spot for more than a second! I placed Briggy on part of the blanket in the living room, where I knew he could get a few rolls in without going too far, so I hurried into the kitchen to boil some water for his cereal. I was gone only a minute, when I came back into the living room this is what I found! My little taquito (for those of you who may not know of this DELICIOUS mexican cuisine its a thinly rolled up fried cheese/tortilla thing. yumm-o) That is the first time thats ever happened with him rolling...I think he thought it was pretty funny, because he was giggling like a crazy baby! Oh Briggly Wiggly!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Sunday Suprise!

My grandma, mom, dad, sister and brother all came to visit ALL DAY! Sunday. It was a realllly nice day. My parents brought a ton of food to make--steak, chicken, scallops, mashed potatoes, yummy chips (my major weakness), salad and PIE! Everything was so delicious, and the company was super! here are a few pictures of briggy with my family:

Friday, July 25, 2008

Pioneers vs. Mass Mutuals!

Tonight we went to our first Vintage Baseball game! We had so much fun! It was so nice out (minus the bugs!) I packed snacks and dinner for us, but they had plenty of stuff there: my favorite I saw was a PICKLE ON A STICK! how silly! Normally on July 25th I like to celebrate "Christmas in July" but today Im afraid we had the most summery july night you could possibly have! Oh well, next July will be more fun with Briggy doing christmasy things. This was Briggy's first game and he loved looking around at everyone and all the food! He had his eye on my cracker jacks all night...he even tried grabbing the box a few times--the little sneak! It was neat to see everyone dressed up in early 20th century gear....they even had ladies dressed up as suffragettes protesting womens rights to vote! In the flyer I thought I saw a juggler and a guy on a unicyle...but they might just do that on certain days. They had a free raffle to win a $50 gift card for gas and guess who won!? My very own Hubber! I told him to go fill one out, that I had a "good feeling" pretty lucky, huh? considering I usually never win anything! I wanted to get a picture of Briggy and the players, but we ended up packing up and leaving right as the game ended---its was way past briggy's late night snack and bedtime! We plan on going to the Championship game in mid-August with Grandma and Grand-dad....maybe even Uncle Nicky! Tickets are more affordable if you buy in "bulk" you can get a seven punch ticket for $35 instead of paying $10 a person. Children under 3 are free! I would really recommend going---it was a lot of fun! Tomorrow there's a double header starting at FOUR PM...The Westfield Wheelman are playing. You can buy tickets at Bullens Field before the game!

Packing on the Pounds!

Maybe its all in my head, but the last week or so, Briggy looks like hes getting BIGGER AND BIGGER!
Maybe its all the vegetables making him so BIG and STRONG! I think he is already at or surpassing the average weight of a FIVE month old, which makes me so happy, because I was so scared he was going to be little and puny forever...He is really playing catch up---he's almost tripled his birth weight!!!! thats big news for a five month old!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Veggie Adventures Continue.....

Tuesday was Briggy's first encounter with the sweet potato. I think he really enjoyed it! I was suprized by the sweetness of it--ive never had sweet potato before! We gave him some Gerber Organic sweet potato because AGAIN my westfield organic search failed. I didnt go to stop and shop...but I went to every other grocery store and Choice Health...nothing. So last night, we all headed up to Hadley for a Trader Joe's visit. I bought like 6 yams (thank you to the Rain's by the way--Tom and I could only find yams and didnt know if they were the same what did we do? call the baby pro's down in VA :) and we bought some avacado. After we put Briggy to bed last night Tom and I pureed away.....and
BIG NEWS at the Tillotsons:
Briggy has his first TOOTH! I thought I felt something on Monday, but I had a hard time seeing in his mouth with Briggy fidgeting..but yesterday Grandma Tina noticed it...and we all got a good look.
Our little baby is growing up!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Briggy's vegetable adventure

Last night Tom put together Briggy's new highchair. I have been feeding him rice cereal this past was going so-so. I dont think he quite understands the "new" way to eat. Practice makes Perfect--we're working on it! I initially planned on feeding him avacado first. But the grocery store didnt have organic avacado....and I had my heart set on feeding him today in his new the one thing I have at home is a few jars of Green Pea by Earth's best. I plan on mostly feeding him homemade foods...but Erin gave me a few jars, so I thought I'd try it out! It was strange...on some mouthfuls it looked like he was okay with it...then on others.....he burst into tears. I dont like peas...never did. my mother said i gagged on them as a baby and wouldnt eat them...He didnt gag...but as you can see in some pic's he doesnt look too thrilled. In the end, Briggy's lion bib had a hearty lunch of peas...and briggy saliva. I think on tuesday when Grandma Tina is over we'll try out some sweet potato :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A perfect mix!

Briggy and I were looking at Brock's blog and we saw the "who does your baby look like?" game. I do think Brigham is starting to look a little more like me, but I still see mostly Tom in him....when I ask people its pretty much split down the middle. Looks like Brigham is a PERFECT BLEND of Tom and I. Which is kind of neat because I dont think I look like my mother or my father! When we took the test I was sure it would be leaning toward Tom...but I was wrong. HOWEVER the percentage of how much more he looks like me is so slim, I guess you all are right....its pretty much 50-50!
Thanks Jocelyn for finding a cool little gadget, we had fun trying it out!!
Amy--I think you should try it! there is debate over who addy looks like more---I still see mostly Jeff.....have fun!

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Gangsta Briggy

Okay, maybe not "gangsta"....but he definitely gained some major street cred with his cool black jordan outfit that tom's boss Luis gave as a gift. My little Briggy is already FIVE MONTHS! I cant believe how fast time is zooming by. The past few days I gave in and started feeding him a little rice cereal. He barely eats any...but I think for the month, get him used to the art of by 6 months we can start with the fun stuff. I thought he would be more into eating than he is...he always has a fit after I nurse him like he wants more...but I guess its not enough to really try hard and eat the rice. He really likes holding the spoon with me to put it in--actually, thats the only time the rice actually makes it all the way in his mouth. I really hope I'm doing the right thing...I was feeling so guilty with him whining and wanting more after almost all his feedings. I also think hes just GROWING LIKE A WEED! and doesnt know what to do with himself! He scoots and rolls like no other---I cant keep him contained on a quilt. If I go the the bathroom or walk into the kitchen, a minute later he's on the other side of the room! Now that he knows how to move, he does not like to be strapped into anything! I used to be able to put him in the swing and get some things done in the afternoon---but ohhhhh no! briggy wants in on the action. I've been putting him in the bjorn a lot more now, especially when doing little chores, just so I know he's okay and he enjoys scoping things out. His most favorite thing to do (other than eat) is sprawling out on his blanket, playing with toys and trying to scoot as far away from his original spot as possible. He is such a doll...I couldnt have asked for a better brigham.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


I just wanted to take a few pictures of Brigham in the cute shirt his auntie jessie and uncle collin bought for him. all day today we learned about alligators (his shirt has a description on it) and we learned what sound alligators make:
SNAP SNAP SNAP! I made the little alligator mouth snapping with my hand--everytime I did it and said SNAP! he would squeal in delight. Brigham is really starting to develop a personality--its so fun to see it shine through more and more each day. What's really neat is that he has two distinct sides: MOMMY and DADDY. On one hand Briggy is a TOTAL ham, laughing smiling, needing attention and acting a bit clingy (which is exactly how I was growing up...and in some ways still am!) But then he has a VERY TOM side to him. He looks quiet serious and is very observant. He loves to people watch and always has the serious "trying to figure things out" look about him. Its pretty funny to see both...but I must admit I LOVE hearing him giggle--and now he has this little dimple on his left cheek which is postively delightful.

On Sunday evening, Tom and I took our rolly-polly on a little strolley! we love going to Stanley Park. It is really one of this nicest parks I have ever seen. It was lovely weather out (except for those dang buzzy bugs)
after our walk, briggy was itching to get out of the we thought we'd try the baby swing. he is such a tiny little peanut in the swing. tom said he looked like a little bird in its shell....awh. briggy liked the playground because he thinks he's really cool and much older than he really is!


time to go home! i was trying to capture his puffy pouty frown he always does, but my junky camera has such a delay on it...he still looks pretty bummed out!