Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A perfect mix!

Briggy and I were looking at Brock's blog and we saw the "who does your baby look like?" game. I do think Brigham is starting to look a little more like me, but I still see mostly Tom in him....when I ask people its pretty much split down the middle. Looks like Brigham is a PERFECT BLEND of Tom and I. Which is kind of neat because I dont think I look like my mother or my father! When we took the test I was sure it would be leaning toward Tom...but I was wrong. HOWEVER the percentage of how much more he looks like me is so slim, I guess you all are right....its pretty much 50-50!
Thanks Jocelyn for finding a cool little gadget, we had fun trying it out!!
Amy--I think you should try it! there is debate over who addy looks like more---I still see mostly Jeff.....have fun!

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Rains Family

Looking at Tom's baby pictures, I do see more of you in Briggy. We tried it and Addy came out as more of Jeff.


Briggy is for sure a combination of you two...I could never say for sure if he looked more like one of you or the other.

Grandma Tina

I see more you in Briggy than Tom.
They change sooooooo much.