Sunday, August 31, 2008

Toms Birthday Smash!

August 29th was Tom's 26 Birthday! Briggy and I went to his work to suprize him with a balloon and some kisses. When we got there Tom's boss, Luis and co-worker, Kevin let me in on the real suprize...they were going to smash the birthday cake they got for Tom in his FACE! (Tom accepted the dare on the grounds that he would recieve 10 bucks! hahaha) Luis caught the action on film. It was pretty funny!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tres, Trois, Drei

(translation: 3)

List 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 goals, 3 current obsessions/collections, and 3 random surprises about yourself.


1. Being a mother to Brigham
2. Being a wife to Tom
3. Being a Latter-Day Saint


1. Losing Brigham (I check to see if he's breathing every 15 minutes during his sleep. Im getting better....but I still check constantly)
2. Losing Tom (If he is driving somewhere, I call constantly to make sure hes okay...after my friends really bad car accident and mine...I am a nervous wreck when it comes to driving. (and terrible back seat driver)
3. House being broken into. I dont know why I have always had this fear...ever since I was little I would lay in bed trying to figure out where I would hide if a "bad guy" broke in. I check to see if the door is locked about 40 times during the evening/night.


1. To always have a clean house (there always seems to be one room that is messy)
2. Become more knowledgeable with scriptures and church history
3. Weigh 135 lbs again. (This goal is taking too long....)


1. Etsy
2. Blogging
3. Ribbons. Ive been buying ribbons up the wazoo.


1. Tom and I would like to get pregnant again this winter.
2. I am extremely self conscience about the scar on my bottom lip where my LIP RING used to be! (unless you get all up in my grill, you really cant see it)
3. I have 5 tattoos

(I know, I know. I always pull the "I used to be a bad girl" card for shock value. Its probably losing its shock, because you all know....but i'm lacking suprises in my life....we need to work on that!)

Thanks for the Tag, Jocelyn. I pass the baton to: Amy, Devon and Sariah!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Brigham the Beast

Oh Boy. Boy oh Boy. Today has been one of the WORST days with Brigham I have EVVVVERRR had!!! I feel so bad for him, because he's teething and its not his fault....but ai yi yi--it makes you wonder 'what the HECK was I THINKING having one of these!' Ive tried everything to make him happy, holding him, rocking him, ice ring, massaging his gums. He is just plain miserable and letting the ENTIRE apartment complex know about it. He would not nap regularly today at all. I think he total slept about 30 minutes from the time he woke up (which was early) until now. I normally feed him at 730 and then he's usually asleep by 8. after about 40 minutes of straight screaming, I just plopped him in his crib---I needed a break...or I'd be missing CLUMPS of hair. Well he just stopped screaming now...this is probably going to mess his whole sleep cycle up tonight, but right now I dont care. Im going crazzzzy. Ive heard only bad things about baby orajel...and hes not crazy about that ice ring, what else is there?! Help!!!
This picture pretty much sums up my day.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Happy Birthday To ME!

You realize you are getting old when you're not excited about your birthday anymore. thats how i know im old. today im the ripe ol' age of 24. i am very grateful, because i had a beautiful day. tom gave me a "shopping spree" at michaels, which was fun, and my two best boys took me out to a picnic in the park. i nearly devoured the entire icecream cake (the realllllly small one guys, im not THAT BIG of a junk-food junkie.!!..) and the weather was unbelievably PERFECT. couldn't ask for a better birthday (minus the several WHITE HAIRS ive been noticing lately....)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Briggy's 6 month checkup

Today Briggy went to the doctors for the dreaded shots! (Mostly because I DREAD them!) I hate hearing that sad scream. He actually didnt scream as much as last time, just a quick one and then he stopped. Which was a great relief to me, I hate seeing him upset. Anyway, I looked back on cousin Addy's blog to see her 6 month stats and was hoping Briggy would have caught up to her (or at least close) by now....he didnt want to be smaller than his pretty little girl cousin!!! I had guessed he would be about 16 1/2 lbs....but he was actually just shy of 17, at 16lbs 14 oz. (which is in the 75th percentile) He's tall!!! Briggy is in the 90-95% at 26 1/2 inches, and his head is caught up to "normal" too (finally! I thought I had a shrunken head baby when he was in at 3% at birth!!) at 17inches which is the 75%, I believe. Brigham doesnt have any OFFICIAL teeth yet...I know I blogged saying he had one, but the doctor said it was a "water packet" or something...where the tooth will make its debut shortly. "He is an extraordinarily happy, active baby who has a major appetite!" so says Dr. Malloy. He is on his way to sitting up completely on his own...the doctor said give it a month (he usually leans and plops over a few seconds afterwards now..) Briggy is doing great!! He just had some winter squash for dinner last night, and loved it. (Even though Super Baby Food reccommends papaya and mango now....) the doctor recommended to hold off of that for another month or so...she wants him to eat more basic foods like pears, peaches, green beans and carrots. Briggy's been good at eating just about everything in sight!
I love my Briggly Wiggly!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Weekend Fun

We partied all weekend to celebrate Briggy's 1/2 year mark. We visited the ducks and swans at the Stanley Park pond for the first time and then the Vintage Baseball game with Grandma and Grand-dad Tillotson. Briggy loved being outdoors and scoping everything out. We have had such beautiful weather these past couple days! Today was just about as perfect as an august day gets. This time Briggy was able to meet the barbershop quartet. He took a shining to them, and the singers sure took a shining to Brigs! it was so sweet. Not only did they pose with Briggy, but the sang with him as well! He loves the attention, thats for sure.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

My 1968 Yearbook Photo.....

If I was in highschool in 1968 this is what I'd look like.....
You can have your picture throughout the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s up to 2000. I needed a distraction from doing the dishes! I want to make one for Tom and see him with an 80s mullet. (like his halloween costume last year!)
If you want to waste time like me, visit: and have fun :)

Friday, August 15, 2008

Brigham turned 1/2 year old today!

Today Brigham is SIX MONTHS OLD!!!! We had a really fun and interesting day. Usually Briggy is very giggily and talkative..."gheeghee lalaba" are common phrases...but today briggy discovered his YELP! He was happy and screeching, he was sad and screeching, tired and screeching, hungry and screeching...okay you get the point....i dont know why he is doing it, but he just does a constant high pitched screeeeech!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALLLLLLL DAYYYYYYYYYYYYY LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I knew I wanted to do something special for Briggy today, so I whipped up a fresh batch of bananayam and briggy ate a ton of that. then after his nap (that still involved plenty of screeching) we had a birthday party with all of his friends! Right before I knew he would be waking up I *quietly* filled his crib with all the stuffed animals he has! When he woke up he belted out the cutest laugh you could imagine! It was a lot of fun!! He didnt get any fun presents...Tom and I just bought him some really cozy pj's for the fall/winter...I know whoopdeedoo! but wait till christmas!!!! then he'll have plenty of fun stuff!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Briggy's new friend!

Matt, Hannah and Rebecca Robinson just welcomed a new edition to their family tuesday: Spencer Matthew! He was 10 lbs 3 oz!!!!!!! (Briggy was that weight at 2 months!!!) I was blessed to see him today on a little visit. Hannah looks great and Rebecca is going to be the best big sis! I dropped by a meal this evening and got to take a quick pic of spencer to share with everyone! He looked so cozy wrapped up in his little quilt.
I planned on making a summer version of a cozy comfort meal: bacon cheeseburger meatloaf and new potato/greenbean salad...but then I got a little nervous that little rebecca wouldnt be to thrilled with that--so instead of the potato salad I made 'jack mac' n cheese. if by chance you would like these recipes, i'll post them on my homemaking blog. (im a little jealous of the meatloaf...i kind of wish i made two it smelled really good in the oven!)
In other news: Rent A Center has a little summer party every year, so Briggy and I stopped by. Here are a couple pic's of Briggy and the Boys!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tuesday with Tina!

Tom, Briggy and I had so much fun hanging out with Grandma Tina yesterday! We went to the Christmas Tree Shop (well, that was fun for us girls) and to the Bass store--which is incredible! Its all outdoorsy merch with amazing decorations (like an enormous whale in the middle of the building) Briggy had a lot of fun "petting" the animals! We saw deer, raccoons, foxes, a moose, elk and birds. During Briggy's nap, Tina and I went to this very adorable little amish market that had the gardens right next to the could pick your own flowers and herbs. I got two HUGE beautiful sunflowers for 50 cents each!!!! You can get a POUND of flowers for 6 bucks! It was great...cant wait to go back. We had a great dinner (that was DEFINITELY not on my diet plan...) Thanks so much, Tina for a terrific tuesday!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Does this look like a GIRL to you!?!

Today I went to Walmart to pick up a few things (SIZE THREE diapers!! seems like he was just in the little bitty preemie ones not too long ago!) and I was asked THREE TIMES by THREE DIFFERENT people "Oh, what an adorable that a girl or boy?" Are you joking? (thats what I felt like saying) He was in an ALL BLUE little outfit along with his green frog toy (mr ribbowitz) and monkers (who has blue accents on it) If that wasnt BOYISH enough for you, look at his little boy face! If my little girl had as little hair as briggy I would dazzle her up with little pretties and bows. Im really not upset about this, I just thought it was crazy that it happened three times today. If I saw a baby in a store and said something to the mother, "is it a boy or girl?" would not be it. you avoid avoid saying "he" or "she" if you dont know for sure....geeeeeeeeeepers.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Ten Tillotson Facts

Do you know your Tillotson Trivia?

(thanks for the fun tag, Jocelyn!)

1. Tom and Kelly's first date was
OCTOBER 13th 2006...Friday the THIRTEENTH!

(here's us playing settlers right around the time of our first date....)

2. Tom and Kelly are HUGE BEATLE FANS! Briggy loves his beatle lullabyes!

3. Tom served his mission in Italy; Kelly studied Italian for 6 years! They both loveeeeeee Italy and hope to travel there someday on a "second" honeymoon!

4. Tom and Kelly are both unhappy with america's choices of presidential canidates. they both plan on voting for barack obama.

5. Tom and Kelly are both "Fat Smashers" (The Fat Smash Diet by Dr. Ian) To date Tom has lost about 30 lbs, Kelly has lost 50. Tom is now skinny...Kelly has 40 more to go...

6. Tom is ALL KNOWING about SPORTS! His favorite baseball player is Ricky Henderson. Kelly's is Josh Beckett! Go Red Sox!!!

7. Tom has been a member of the church his WHOLE LIFE! Kelly was baptized in December 2004! We are so grateful for the restored gospel here on earth!

8. Tom has two other siblings, Eric and Amy...Kelly has three: Jessica, Danielle and Nicky. We love our family! (Tom's the baby, Kelly is smack dab in the middle)

9. Tom and Kelly want a BIG FAMILY (like the Waltons!) Tom wants 8. Kelly wants 7. We even have names picked out!!!
Boy names: Brigham, Hyrum, Oliver, Heber, Parley
Girl names: Romney, Charlotte, Penelope, Stella, Matilda

10. Tom and Kelly's birthdays are 9 days apart! (plus two years..) Tom was born August 29, 1982 and Kelly was born August 20, 1984. This is what Kelly wants for her birthday:

just kidding--it would be nice, though! i love looking at house plans...this is my favorite "farmhouse" i've found so far!