Monday, August 11, 2008

Does this look like a GIRL to you!?!

Today I went to Walmart to pick up a few things (SIZE THREE diapers!! seems like he was just in the little bitty preemie ones not too long ago!) and I was asked THREE TIMES by THREE DIFFERENT people "Oh, what an adorable that a girl or boy?" Are you joking? (thats what I felt like saying) He was in an ALL BLUE little outfit along with his green frog toy (mr ribbowitz) and monkers (who has blue accents on it) If that wasnt BOYISH enough for you, look at his little boy face! If my little girl had as little hair as briggy I would dazzle her up with little pretties and bows. Im really not upset about this, I just thought it was crazy that it happened three times today. If I saw a baby in a store and said something to the mother, "is it a boy or girl?" would not be it. you avoid avoid saying "he" or "she" if you dont know for sure....geeeeeeeeeepers.



I use to get that question a lot too! I think some people just don't think before they talk. I can't tell Briggy is a cute little boy though!

Grandma Tina

Briggy looks all boy!!

You should never ask that question, and you should never ask. How far along are you?


People are dumb. They'd ask if Sariah was a boy when she was wearing pink and with a bow in her hair.

another day in the life of...

people really can be dumb. i think we've all been there. another one that cracks me up is when the baby fills his diaper and people look at you like they think you are passing gas. idiots!


Brock is in size three too!
I get that all the time even after I say his name, like anyone would name their daughter BROCK! come on. oh well sometimes we just havbe to deal with people who can't think!