Friday, August 8, 2008

Ten Tillotson Facts

Do you know your Tillotson Trivia?

(thanks for the fun tag, Jocelyn!)

1. Tom and Kelly's first date was
OCTOBER 13th 2006...Friday the THIRTEENTH!

(here's us playing settlers right around the time of our first date....)

2. Tom and Kelly are HUGE BEATLE FANS! Briggy loves his beatle lullabyes!

3. Tom served his mission in Italy; Kelly studied Italian for 6 years! They both loveeeeeee Italy and hope to travel there someday on a "second" honeymoon!

4. Tom and Kelly are both unhappy with america's choices of presidential canidates. they both plan on voting for barack obama.

5. Tom and Kelly are both "Fat Smashers" (The Fat Smash Diet by Dr. Ian) To date Tom has lost about 30 lbs, Kelly has lost 50. Tom is now skinny...Kelly has 40 more to go...

6. Tom is ALL KNOWING about SPORTS! His favorite baseball player is Ricky Henderson. Kelly's is Josh Beckett! Go Red Sox!!!

7. Tom has been a member of the church his WHOLE LIFE! Kelly was baptized in December 2004! We are so grateful for the restored gospel here on earth!

8. Tom has two other siblings, Eric and Amy...Kelly has three: Jessica, Danielle and Nicky. We love our family! (Tom's the baby, Kelly is smack dab in the middle)

9. Tom and Kelly want a BIG FAMILY (like the Waltons!) Tom wants 8. Kelly wants 7. We even have names picked out!!!
Boy names: Brigham, Hyrum, Oliver, Heber, Parley
Girl names: Romney, Charlotte, Penelope, Stella, Matilda

10. Tom and Kelly's birthdays are 9 days apart! (plus two years..) Tom was born August 29, 1982 and Kelly was born August 20, 1984. This is what Kelly wants for her birthday:

just kidding--it would be nice, though! i love looking at house plans...this is my favorite "farmhouse" i've found so far!



What cute facts! I also love house plans {must come from my interior design classes}. I used to draw my own house plans all the time. {crazy me} still it's fun!


I also love italy! I'm so going to tuscany one day! {wishing it was sooner then later!} but hey if I ever win the lottery, we can take our families together! taking turns to babysit each others kiddos for that much needed "quality time" with our hubby's! What do you say?


This was a fun post to learn some Tillotson Trivia. I love to learn stuff about people. Great post.

Grandma Tina

Great post! Thanks

another day in the life of...

Awesome family facts! It was fun to hear and see more about you.