Thursday, August 14, 2008

Briggy's new friend!

Matt, Hannah and Rebecca Robinson just welcomed a new edition to their family tuesday: Spencer Matthew! He was 10 lbs 3 oz!!!!!!! (Briggy was that weight at 2 months!!!) I was blessed to see him today on a little visit. Hannah looks great and Rebecca is going to be the best big sis! I dropped by a meal this evening and got to take a quick pic of spencer to share with everyone! He looked so cozy wrapped up in his little quilt.
I planned on making a summer version of a cozy comfort meal: bacon cheeseburger meatloaf and new potato/greenbean salad...but then I got a little nervous that little rebecca wouldnt be to thrilled with that--so instead of the potato salad I made 'jack mac' n cheese. if by chance you would like these recipes, i'll post them on my homemaking blog. (im a little jealous of the meatloaf...i kind of wish i made two it smelled really good in the oven!)
In other news: Rent A Center has a little summer party every year, so Briggy and I stopped by. Here are a couple pic's of Briggy and the Boys!