Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Tent is up! (as well as a few other projects)

We finally had time to put Briggy's bed-tent up....HE LOVES IT! I WOULD love it if it wasnt so DANG WRINKLY!!! :(
Any suggestions on how to fix it? I'm afraid to put it in the dryer because its sort of a nylony-plasticy material. We dont have a steamer....hmmmm. We have SOOO much more work to do in that room--I can't wait til its cute and all done. We have another bed-tent for Ollies bed for next year. Im wondering if I should get some big storage bins of some sort to go under the bed, there is quite a bit of space. Some woodsy looking basket-bins perhaps....and our poor lone tree needs friends! One of these days I'd like a few more to make it look like a forest.
Thanks Daddy for putting up the coolest bed EVER!

These are some magnet boards that I put up above my 2 craft tables. I really like the red polka dot one much more...but I ran out of red-ribbon :/ and of course I'm too impatient so I just used my other color for the room--yellow. Still cute. Black and white pictures of the boys were FREE courtesy of all the KODAK gallery credits I had. Score! I love my photo freebies!!!!

This magnet board is in the playroom over the toy storage. All of Briggy's masterpieces (and soon Ollies!!!) hang with pride!

This is a flannel board I hung on the wall near the reading/imagination corner. It originally had chipboard letters above it that said "Laugh and Learn" but Briggy picked them off the wall leaving lovely marks! Ill have to cover that up with some vinyl that he cant pick off in the near future.

(The Tree is a cutout I made from a big load of felt I ordered. I have some Yo Gabba Gabba felt characters I made too, but I thought I'd make a few cutouts for him to play with--the apples are fun for him to pick on and off and practice counting--don't mind my less than professional cutting/artistry--I'ts alot harder than I thought to cut out!) I will be making a lot of these felt cutouts...you can see the tutorial on my friends blog:

It'll be great for teaching my boys, and also for FHE lessons!
There you have it.
February projects and fun!

Families can be together Forever

A couple weeks ago I was able to put up our dining room vinyl. I needed something to really fill up that awkward space where I planned on having a family photo wall. As you can see from the photo, the only picture missing is OUR family photo! :/ We were going to have one taken during Briggy's bday celebration, but my aunt was feeling well, Ollie had an eczema break out on his face, and we all were feeling a little under the weather. Im hoping for a nice photo soon--we'll see what happens! Just thought I'd share the outcome--I put it up myself (my first time doing it alone!!) and I think I did a pretty good job. I noticed that the second line looked a little crooked--but it was hard without a ladder and with the cursive writing to really get it level. To the average onlooker, I dont think they'll notice. At least I hope not! Just thought Id share!! I get all my vinyl lettering from friends at church that have a business
They are so great about capturing what I want and having very reasonable prices. I hope to have a vinyl party soon so everyone can order their goodies!!!
I really think it MAKES the room. Im totally addicted!
My aunt had a cute saying over her guest room bed that we stayed in
"I love you to the moon and back" I think Im gonna get that for over our bed one of these days.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Briggy's Bday Weekend

Auntie Katie and Uncle Bob got Briggy such a FUNNNNNNNNN present---an ALL TERRAIN RADIO FLYER! Briggy is seriously in HEAVEN. He was so well behaved IN the wagon--I can't say the same for OUT of the wagon....but when he was cruisin' it was all good! We went from blizzard to beautiful sunny day in the park as soon as we headed down to New Braunfels. Here's us having fun and feeding ducks! Ollie had a fun time just observing all the excitement--I cant wait til I can cart around both of them in the wagon!! Then after naps, Briggy was able to eat lots of yummy Gabba cake and open more presents!!! It was sort of bizarre and out of character for Briggy, but when we all started to sing Happy Birthday! he started to cry and cover his face with his hands! It was hilarious, but not his typical "Everyone LOOK AT ME! THIS IS A BLAST!" sort of behavior!!!

We got Briggy a Muno Guitar, A Gabba bath-boat toy, a Dance cam---this thing is PERFECT for Briggy, because he loves to dance in front of a blank tv, stove, or dishwasher to look at his reflection...now he can see himself dance on TV! and we also got him a little tikes golf set. With other birthday money from family, we were able to take him to Babies R US and he picked out a Fischer price grocery cart and register! Auntie Amy, Uncle Jeff and Addy sent him Gabba squirters for the bath tub and A fun magnetic toy. He was so spoiled and had such a fun second birthday!!!
With birthday money from the granparents we plan on getting this awesome play kitchen (Briggy always plays with the one at church!)

Favorite random weekend photo: Briggy really wanted to try on Bobby's bigboy cowboy boots. I really wanted to get some for the boys, but they were CRAZY expensive....$75 for little kid boots. SERIOUSLY!?! thats alot for an ADULT pair. Geez. Hopefully I'll come across a great sale one of these days! Overall, we had such a nice time. Poor auntie Katie got SOOOO sick....but now that we've done the drive (4 hours) and it was actually WAYYYY better than we thought--Oliver slept or was quietly playing THE ENTIRE TIME and Briggy was actually realllllllly good--very minimal screeching. I hope we can go down when it gets a bit warmer!!! They were the best hosts and Briggy loved it there!!!!


Last Thursday-Friday it snowed NON-STOP here and it snowed about 10 inches! It was the day before our drive down to New Braunfels to visit Auntie Katie and Uncle Bob for Briggy's 2nd Birthday!! Right after Briggy woke up from a nap I bundled him up in about 4 layers of outfits and went to play outside with him. He only lasted about 5-10 minutes before he had had enough of the cold white stuff! I left his pacifer (ergh) in because he wasnt giving me the easiest time bundling him up like crazy. Oh well. As you can see from the video we werent very well-equipped for such weather, but we made do!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Love is....

not only a feeling, but an action. We should be diligent in serving and helping those we love. The greatest product of love is children. They are the ultimate blessing from our Heavenly Father.

Lo, children are a heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward... Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them: they shall not be ashamed, but they shall speak with the enemies in the gate.
Psalm 127

Love is....my eternal family! I could smooch these boys all day long!!!
Happy Valentines Day!!!

(This is a little photo contest through island life's blog. im linking up if you want to participate!!!)

An Island Life

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Think PINK!

I have 2 friends that are having/had girls one shower was today and another next week! That, along with Valentines Day coming, I've been in pink OVERLOAD! which is nice for a change because...well....I'm a mom to boys!! For my friend Amy's shower I decided to try my hand at a diaper cake. Her daughters room is pink, brown and butterflies....so I tried to incorporate that into the cake. The main problem I had was finding receiving blankets that were pink and brown! the only store that I have nearby to shop at is Walmart...and for some reason they didnt have any!!!!! so I bought thicker square blankets and a brown pack-n-play sheet. The main disapointment I had with it, is that the bottom layer is quite bigger than the second tier, but because the brown sheet was so thin, and the second sheet was pretty thick, they look like the same size--but the square blanket couldnt fit around the big bottom layer, so I had to stack it that way. Oh well! Live and learn! It was fun...and I loved the diaper cake I recieved as a gift from Jocelyn, so I was certain amy would at least appreciate a couple weeks worth of diapers!! :)
Here is a little peek of the party--Amy's sister-in-law decorated, cant take the credit here!! I just thought covering the vases with the outfits was such a clever idea! so cute!!

Briggy and I worked on our entryway banner all last week, coloring, painting, scrapping pink and hearts! We plan on having a few of Briggy's love interests (ha! all his friends around here are girls!!) over for some valentine card making and treat tasting! Im hoping to have them over on Tuesday so I can send out all my valentine goodies on wednesday! I know its not fancy, but I love Briggys coloring and homemade construction paper hearts....we painted and scrapped closepins to hang them up! on the "closeline"

Love is in the air at the Tillotsons!!!!!!!!!!

We will be celebrating Briggy's BIG NUMBER 2...haha wait a minute, that doesnt sound right....it sounds like im celebrating one of his imfamous "stinkbombs"
let me rephrase that....
We are celebrating Briggy's SECOND BIRTHDAY valentines weekend at my Aunt and Uncles house down in New Braunfels. It'll be nice to be with family. I really wanted to plan a big Yo Gabba Party but things didnt work out with the location...Im glad though, I'd much rather be with family....One of these years will have a big crazy birthday for him!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Made with Love

I dressed the boys up in red smooches and took their photos today for Valentines Day cards! I thought they came out pretty cute. I was planning on having my sister Jessie make the red stand out more because she has photo-software...but I just used picnik and this is the best I could do on my own...I wanted to red kisses to stand out more, but whattya gonna do. She might get around to it soon...if not these are my backup plan. I know shes a crazy busy florist right around Valentines Day!

Tomorrow we are having a visit with a behavioral counselor to see what I can do to help Briggy with things. Crossing my fingers that questions will be answered and methods will work!!
More valentines goodies to come! Briggy and I worked on a banner for our front room today and its almost complete! I might be able to post it tonight if I get my act together!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Crazy in Love!

I don't know what it is this year, but I am all about valentines day!! Sometime this week I hope to get a couple of Briggy's friends over to make and decorate some valentines.
Essentials: Pink, Red, and White construction paper
Glitter (ahh! i think i might regret that one)
Glue, Markers, crayons = fun fun fun!

Pink snacks for this week include Briggy's favorite--Watermelon! Strawberry banana smoothies and I realllllly want to make these!

I also have a very cute photo session planned for this week that will include 2 cute boys and lots of love!
I had to get all my pictures put on a disk (already! only 2 months of photos) so I have space on my camera. I guess my SD card doesnt hold that many hi-res photos...anyway, hopefully I'll have pictures up by the end of the week with all our fun projects ahead!
I am also working on a girly diaper cake, valentines day/baby shower favors, and my Feb visiting teaching....hopefully I'll have that done by the end of the week too! I've got a lot to do this week!! and then of course SUPERBOWL SUNDAY is almost here, which means football for the men, and new baby admiring for me (The Romneys just had baby number 4--Chase!)
THENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN its off to visit my aunt to celebrate Briggy's SECOND BIRTHDAY! I can't believe that stinker made it to 2, and all my hair hasn't fallen out (although there are many white hair patches!!!!!!!!!!) thank goodness for hair dye!!!
I know the florist loves of my life are ultra busy right now, but what cute vday projects are y'all working on? (okay, that was a forced texas thing...I don't really talk like that....yet!)