Saturday, February 6, 2010

Think PINK!

I have 2 friends that are having/had girls one shower was today and another next week! That, along with Valentines Day coming, I've been in pink OVERLOAD! which is nice for a change because...well....I'm a mom to boys!! For my friend Amy's shower I decided to try my hand at a diaper cake. Her daughters room is pink, brown and I tried to incorporate that into the cake. The main problem I had was finding receiving blankets that were pink and brown! the only store that I have nearby to shop at is Walmart...and for some reason they didnt have any!!!!! so I bought thicker square blankets and a brown pack-n-play sheet. The main disapointment I had with it, is that the bottom layer is quite bigger than the second tier, but because the brown sheet was so thin, and the second sheet was pretty thick, they look like the same size--but the square blanket couldnt fit around the big bottom layer, so I had to stack it that way. Oh well! Live and learn! It was fun...and I loved the diaper cake I recieved as a gift from Jocelyn, so I was certain amy would at least appreciate a couple weeks worth of diapers!! :)
Here is a little peek of the party--Amy's sister-in-law decorated, cant take the credit here!! I just thought covering the vases with the outfits was such a clever idea! so cute!!

Briggy and I worked on our entryway banner all last week, coloring, painting, scrapping pink and hearts! We plan on having a few of Briggy's love interests (ha! all his friends around here are girls!!) over for some valentine card making and treat tasting! Im hoping to have them over on Tuesday so I can send out all my valentine goodies on wednesday! I know its not fancy, but I love Briggys coloring and homemade construction paper hearts....we painted and scrapped closepins to hang them up! on the "closeline"

Love is in the air at the Tillotsons!!!!!!!!!!

We will be celebrating Briggy's BIG NUMBER 2...haha wait a minute, that doesnt sound sounds like im celebrating one of his imfamous "stinkbombs"
let me rephrase that....
We are celebrating Briggy's SECOND BIRTHDAY valentines weekend at my Aunt and Uncles house down in New Braunfels. It'll be nice to be with family. I really wanted to plan a big Yo Gabba Party but things didnt work out with the location...Im glad though, I'd much rather be with family....One of these years will have a big crazy birthday for him!!!