Sunday, February 21, 2010

Briggy's Bday Weekend

Auntie Katie and Uncle Bob got Briggy such a FUNNNNNNNNN present---an ALL TERRAIN RADIO FLYER! Briggy is seriously in HEAVEN. He was so well behaved IN the wagon--I can't say the same for OUT of the wagon....but when he was cruisin' it was all good! We went from blizzard to beautiful sunny day in the park as soon as we headed down to New Braunfels. Here's us having fun and feeding ducks! Ollie had a fun time just observing all the excitement--I cant wait til I can cart around both of them in the wagon!! Then after naps, Briggy was able to eat lots of yummy Gabba cake and open more presents!!! It was sort of bizarre and out of character for Briggy, but when we all started to sing Happy Birthday! he started to cry and cover his face with his hands! It was hilarious, but not his typical "Everyone LOOK AT ME! THIS IS A BLAST!" sort of behavior!!!

We got Briggy a Muno Guitar, A Gabba bath-boat toy, a Dance cam---this thing is PERFECT for Briggy, because he loves to dance in front of a blank tv, stove, or dishwasher to look at his he can see himself dance on TV! and we also got him a little tikes golf set. With other birthday money from family, we were able to take him to Babies R US and he picked out a Fischer price grocery cart and register! Auntie Amy, Uncle Jeff and Addy sent him Gabba squirters for the bath tub and A fun magnetic toy. He was so spoiled and had such a fun second birthday!!!
With birthday money from the granparents we plan on getting this awesome play kitchen (Briggy always plays with the one at church!)

Favorite random weekend photo: Briggy really wanted to try on Bobby's bigboy cowboy boots. I really wanted to get some for the boys, but they were CRAZY expensive....$75 for little kid boots. SERIOUSLY!?! thats alot for an ADULT pair. Geez. Hopefully I'll come across a great sale one of these days! Overall, we had such a nice time. Poor auntie Katie got SOOOO sick....but now that we've done the drive (4 hours) and it was actually WAYYYY better than we thought--Oliver slept or was quietly playing THE ENTIRE TIME and Briggy was actually realllllllly good--very minimal screeching. I hope we can go down when it gets a bit warmer!!! They were the best hosts and Briggy loved it there!!!!



We LOVED having your sweet family spend time with us and are looking forward to the next visit! I already miss Briggy's little voice. I'm so glad you took a small video - I can hear his little voice :) Bob and I walked around Gruene yesterday and we were wishing we had your kids in the wagon with us! ~hugs

Rains Family

Great pics Kelly!! Sounds like Briggy had a great birthday!! I LOVE that kitchen too! Maybe we'll have to get one for Addy one of these holidays...

Grandma Tina

I love the pics!! It looks like Brigg's loves his new wagon!
Thanks so much for the video.

You look great Miss Kelly!