Wednesday, May 28, 2008

tummy time!

for awhile, Briggy was doing really well with tummy time. he would really try and move his arms and legs all around, coo and wouldnt even start crying for like 15 minutes of it or so...but lately he has been HATING TUMMY TIME. I mean, screaming like crazy...which made me really concerned because I want to see him crawling around here soon. The other day I decided to first put him on his boppy before the blanket (he loves that boppy like no other) and it worked! he is really starting to lift his head up, and he likes sitting up a lot now too...i need to go get him one of those bumbo seats so he can practice some more...
oh and another first tom got to see!! yesterday i was sort of buzzing around doing errands and cleaning and tom had a chance to play and spend most of the day right by briggy's side. The night before I think Tina was making those "razzing" lip noises, and on tuesday briggy started making them! Im not sure if tom was doing it and briggy was copying, but he called me in to see him do it--it was really cute! he's only done it really good a few times, most of the time you can see him try to do it, but not much sound comes out (a few bubbles yes, but not much else!)

Memorial Day!

Memorial day this year was beautiful! Tom and I had been wanting to buy a grill this weekend because there were some good sales, but we never got around to it---well, the barbeque fairy somehow made its way to us and suprized us with a really really great grill (thanks mom and dad tillotson!)Im prety excited to see how Tom is being all manly and grilling meat! Anyway, Briggy had a nice time being out in the sunshine and snuggling with grandma all day....tom put together his jumperoo and...we think he'll enjoy it more when he can actually push off the ground and jump, but he loves the music and all his "jungle friends"!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Tillotsons: established 2007

Thats us. Happily married for ONE WHOLE YEAR:)
May 25th 2007 was one of the most wonderful days of my life (Briggy's birth and my baptism as close contenders)
One year later and I love my husband more than ever. I know a lot of people (especially my friends and i'm sure some family) didn't think that we knew eachother enough and that we were engaged and married too soon.
if it had been any other man, im sure i would have thought so too, but not my tom tillotson.
he is the most sweet, adoring, honorable, righteous and handsome man I have ever met. And now we have the most precious little boy. nope, i dont think it was too fast at all.

Friday, May 23, 2008

crud. i cant get the picture and link of "which princess are you" to post. i stink at computers. anyway, im most like princess aurora!
I saw this on Jenn's blog and thought i'd have a little fun. turns out im my favorite princess! aurora is one of the girls names i have picked out. tom and i are already talking about how we want a little girl next. these are my.....our.....choices.

romney lee
penelope jane
charlotte ann
stella marie
matilda mae
aurora rose

i know i know, i have a 3 month old son, why am i thinking about another baby!?!....but im crazy and want another one soon. besides i was always one of those goony girls planning my wedding and picking out baby names since age 6. i want a litle girl to play dress up with---and briggy can be our prince charming :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Big Boy Clothes!

Today Tom and I took Brigham minature golfing--daddy and briggy won! This morning we tried on briggy's 3-6 big boy shirt and shorts and they fit! the shorts fit him well in the waist-bum area but are a little longer on him then i think they're meant to be...but thats alright, he just looked so grown up today!

To make up for my golfing loss, Tom and I went home and played a marathon of scrabble. I beat him all four games. My highest score was 311, pretty impressive, eh? :)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Salvatore Urso

My grandfather "papa" urso passed away on monday night. He went peacefully during a nap in his home with my grandmother and danielle and nicky with him. We all knew my grandfather wasnt doing well, he hasnt been for a few years---but you just cant prepare emotionally for something like that. at least i couldnt. he was a great man, a great grandfather--the funniest grandpa! He will be greatly missed.
Jessie is flying in from SLC tomorrow, the wake is on thursday and the funeral the next things have just been crazy around here because tom and i have been driving back and forth to my parents house everyday and its going to be like that for the rest of the week. I am so glad my last words with papa on mothers day were "i love you papa" and he replied " i love you kelly" he loved briggy "looks just like tom" he would say at least 20 times during our visits. i know he felt very special to see his very first great grandbaby.
my grandmother is doing quite well, considering. she isn't in the best health either, but shes doing a lot better. ive had the baby by her side since papa passed away. she says its the only thing that can make her smile and feel happy---briggy is a very special baby---and a blessing to our entire family.
love you papa.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

turtle power!

...more cute briggy pictures!

Briggy and Mr. Thumb

I knew I'd be able to catch him doing it again! Briggy is starting to really enjoy "Mr. thumb" (at least thats what i call it...he even has a special thumb theme song i sing!)

It was so summery out today, Briggy wore his little turtle shorts outfit with matching turtle denim loafers....he's getting so big! I think if hes not 12 lbs yet he's pretty darn close!

Almost 3 months old!

I can't believe my little brigster is almost three months old! For the past week I have been noticing brigham try to suck his...well, his entire hand. I'd catch him doing it every so often, then yesterday afternoon after our walk, daddy was holding briggy while i was doing something in the kitchen....tom called me over and said "does he normally do this?" I looked and what do you know--little briggy found his thumb! he was going to town really sucking his thumb good. We went to go take a picture and of course my batteries were dead. So, today...hopefully he'll do it again, and I will have that newly charged camera ready!
On another note, Tom and I just finished phase one of our diet. the "detox" phase. It's a diet from Dr. Ian (from celebrity fit club) We actually really enjoy it and have had great results! In the first nine days Ive lost 8 lbs and Tom has lost 6 or 7. We're excited for this second phase which lasts 3 weeks---Tom is especially thrilled because we get to eat meat now! I think Tom wants to lose 5-10 more pounds, and I want to lose at LEAST 40. Needless to say I have a while to go! I am pretty proud of myself--- Ive lost 45 lbs since having Briggy! My goal is to lose those nasty 40 lbs by christmas time, i guess we'll have to wait and see!