Thursday, September 24, 2009

2 month check up

Oliver's two month check up was the other day. He is growing like a weed!
he's 14 lbs and 1 oz and
24 inches long
He's in the 90% for his weight and height, and his head circumference is in the 50%
What a difference from my two month old Briggy!

I have some great pictures of Oliver smiling away and Brigham dressing up like daddy...but for some reason this new kodak photo software I downloaded is not cooperating. Hopefully I can fix it sooner than later!

We are planning our halloween outfits...Brigham is going to be DJ Lance Rock from Yo Gabba Gabba and Oliver is going to be a cozy peapod. (thank you grandma tina and awesome target clearance last year!)
Can't wait for all the tricksters and treaters this year!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

All about Oliver

We had to restore our ghetto computer for the gazillionth time this past week, so I lost all my photo-downloading software (and everything else) for that its taken me awhile to post these pics.

The first set of Oliver's tummy time is from his one month mark--and the "blanket" photo shoot pictures were taken last week.
(the ones where he's half under the couch--was a funny story. I placed him on the pillow to run to the bathroom. Gone about a minute, came back and he had (spit up as you can tell from the wet mark) and shimmied down and get his legs under the couch...He is a crazy wiggle worm!)

Ollie won't have an official weigh-in until Sept 23...but I'm pretty sure he is at or has surpassed the 12 lb mark. He is growing at alarming speeds! Well, Briggy grew really super fast too--he just was so small to begin with it didn't seem like he was a mutant 6 week old!
Oliver is VERY VERY VERY needy--I know, you're thinking--He's a newborn, duh--oh no no! He does not stop crying unless held or fed...and he hardly ever naps...ever. He's just very alert and clingy--Briggy could lay on the boppy and be okay for a little while, but not our little ollie!!! his cry isn't quite as shrill as Briggy's but its sure loud! Needless to say with the new job (oh yes--have to pay off the whopping $10K the hospital charged for our little post-preeclamspia mishap--fun!)
I'm working 8pm-2am, pumping when I get home, feeding Ollie at 4, then 6, then 8....not getting too much sleep. I'm hoping he starts sleeping for longer spans ASAP!
Other than being half-zombie momma throughout the day we are having fun (Ollie does like the swing, so I am able to play with Briggy just fine in the playroom)
Hopefully I get used to my new schedule soon so I have a little more energy! Anyway, here are some adorable photos!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Rolling Register Rewards Plan of Attack

Normally at Walgreens I get great deals when I use manufacturer coupons combined with walgreens coupons plus register rewards. I usually make 8-10 dollars pretty quick in RR (register rewards) and then just buy diapers with them...but tomorrow I have a different plan of attack (and I hope it works!)
In the beginning of the week they ran out of everything...but I am told they will be restocked tomorrow...sooo...providing they have everything on my Rolling RR wishlist I'll be in good shape--wish me luck...and if youre in the mood try it out yourself!

Transaction #1
Mens Zone 6 Blade razor (comes with 2 cartridges!!) = $3.99
Get $4 back in RR
(I have a $3 RR from a purchase earlier this week)
Out of Pocket Amount (OOP) 99 cents!

Transaction #2

Theraflu cold/cough syrup = $4.99
$2 off (Walgreens Healthy Savings Coupon booklet)
they also have $2 off coupons from (but I used those with my transactions earlier this week...but if you try this out, you can combine the two coupons and buy this for 99 cents!)
Get $3 back in RR

Carefree ultra-protection pads 16 count = $1.99
$1.00 off manufacturer coupon
Get back $2 RR

Total= $4 (use the $4 earned from transaction #1)

Transaction #3
(I don't think this is official walgreens protacol-- but the asst. manager at my walgreens has told me she allows 2 of the same products in one order and will ring out the second RR separately--so make sure to check with your walgreens manager)

Buy 2 Reach products (toothbrush or floss)= $2.99 each
$1.50 off two reach products (
Total=$4.50 (use $5 RR from transaction #2)
Get back $4 RR

Transaction #4

2 Carefree pads = $1.99 each
Use 2 $1 off manufacturer coupons (
(Get back $4 RR)

1 Mens Zone razor = $3.99
(Get back $4 RR)

Total= $6
Use $4 RR from Transaction #3
Earned $8 RR

Transaction #5

Buy 1 Huggies Jumbo Pack (Sale Price with Walgreens In-Ad Coupon) $8.99
Use $1.50 off manufacturer coupon
Total= $7.50
Use $8 RR from Transaction #4

One thing that still confuses me a little bit (but I just come prepared with) is cheap "filler" items. You can only have as many coupons as when you have more coupons than items you need filler items..this week with the in-ad coupon you can get folders for 20 cents or those little notepads for 25 cents. I grab a handful and leave them in my cart and pay for them with loose change! I take it slow and ask questions to make sure I'm doing everything right...the walgreens workers have been very helpful and never given me any problems....
Crossing my fingers I'll get everything on my wishlist--If so I'll have gotten all that great useful stuff for only $3!!!!! Not bad! :)