Saturday, September 5, 2009

All about Oliver

We had to restore our ghetto computer for the gazillionth time this past week, so I lost all my photo-downloading software (and everything else) for that its taken me awhile to post these pics.

The first set of Oliver's tummy time is from his one month mark--and the "blanket" photo shoot pictures were taken last week.
(the ones where he's half under the couch--was a funny story. I placed him on the pillow to run to the bathroom. Gone about a minute, came back and he had (spit up as you can tell from the wet mark) and shimmied down and get his legs under the couch...He is a crazy wiggle worm!)

Ollie won't have an official weigh-in until Sept 23...but I'm pretty sure he is at or has surpassed the 12 lb mark. He is growing at alarming speeds! Well, Briggy grew really super fast too--he just was so small to begin with it didn't seem like he was a mutant 6 week old!
Oliver is VERY VERY VERY needy--I know, you're thinking--He's a newborn, duh--oh no no! He does not stop crying unless held or fed...and he hardly ever naps...ever. He's just very alert and clingy--Briggy could lay on the boppy and be okay for a little while, but not our little ollie!!! his cry isn't quite as shrill as Briggy's but its sure loud! Needless to say with the new job (oh yes--have to pay off the whopping $10K the hospital charged for our little post-preeclamspia mishap--fun!)
I'm working 8pm-2am, pumping when I get home, feeding Ollie at 4, then 6, then 8....not getting too much sleep. I'm hoping he starts sleeping for longer spans ASAP!
Other than being half-zombie momma throughout the day we are having fun (Ollie does like the swing, so I am able to play with Briggy just fine in the playroom)
Hopefully I get used to my new schedule soon so I have a little more energy! Anyway, here are some adorable photos!



He is super cute Kelly! Hopefully he'll learn the joy of sleeping soon.

Rains Family

I love the blanket pictures! He looks so cozy, why we he want to be held? It will pass Kelly, remember with newborns that everything is just a phase....

Rains Family
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Grandma Tina

Oliver is getting soooo... big! I love his new blanket!