Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Texas for the Tillotsons!

Tom was offered a transfer from Rent-A-Center to a Dallas store. Well, its technically in Dallas, but borders the city, Mesquite. I'm pretty sure the date Tom picked out to start is January 20th. Briggy and I will follow him down shortly after once our lease is expired--I'm hoping we can reunite right around Briggy's first birthday!! (Feb 15th) Tom and I have never spent a night apart, so it should be.....very sad :( I have friends and family that I am going to make stay with me, so I'm not too lonely--plus preggo lady over here has to pack (how fun!?) We've been looking at houses in a town outside of Mesquite--Forney, TX. I just think that Forney is an awful name...I know you all are going to think I'm horrible and a shameful Molly Mormon...but whenever I hear "Forney" I think of horny....isn't that dreadful?
Anyway, its a really quaint town--it is actually the "Antique capital of Texas" pretty neat, huh? Well, I already have my HEART set on a house. At first I had one picked out that was suuuuuuuper nice....huge--but it turns out it was a 'short sale' which can cause a lot of drama and time we don't really need. So I was searching a lot today and came across this cutie thats pretty good sized too.
Its just shy of 2700 sq. ft, 4 bedrooms, has a gameroom, 3 car garage...is in a planned community with tennis courts, soccer fields, basketball, bike trails, recreation/picnic areas, pool, huge playground and there is even an elementary school for the community...very family orientated.
Here are some pics!

It's in our price range, very very affordable, has everything we could ever want....so please keep us in your prayers that if its meant to be, we'll make this house our home and our move will be successful!
It's going to be hard living far far away from both our families, but I am sure Texas is the place for us to be right now.
Not to mention, Briggy will make THE CUTEST COWBOY EVER!

Monday, December 15, 2008


Yeahhhh! Happy 10 MONTH BIRTHDAY, BRIGGY!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe how BIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG my little dumpling is! He has been growing like a weed! He is crusing all around the living room....I'm sure he'll be walking in no time (Lord be with me!) This little boy gets into EVERYTHING!!! As I have mentioned before I have a "ghetto" system of containing him in the living room (aka: Briggy's Clubhouse) but today FINALLY the fence I ordered came in.

Tom is going to pick it up after work and we'll have it set up for Briggy tomorrow---I have a feeling he is NOT going to like being "caged in" too much. But it'll be better and safer for the both of us....
Normally Briggy really doesn't use the pacifer too much during the day. I give it to him when I put him in the carseat to relax him....but its usually something I give him during naps and at night. Well the past few days he has been stuck like glue to his "sucker" Im thinking it has something to do with his top front teeth poking through at an amazing speed. Yes, thats right, my little Brigham is getting his
TWO FRONT TEETH for Christmas! They're such cute little choppers, too. I have to look online, but I'm wondering if I need to brush them? Just with water, I'm assuming, but I haven't done that yet....I struggle to get anywhere near his mouth---so that should be fun....but back to my pacifer point.....Its been freaking me out a little the past few days seeing him with that sucker because I promised myself that around ONE year old we'd be over it.....I think Briggy's new year resolution will be to break the binky habit! I dont want to stop him too close to the birth of the new baby, because that could be traumatic---he'll be jealous of the new baby's binky....so I'm going to give it a whirl. Hopefully it won't be too scary as long as I get it done before he gets a little older....

Briggy's favorites at 10 months:

His little einsteins ocean flip book
Sid the Science Kid
Sesame Street
Black people. Honestly, whenever he see's a black actor on tv he lights up and giggles with delight. He's very happy to pretty much everyone in real life, but there was a young black family in the store the other day, and he went wild!! He must like the dark contrast of their skin....
All food

I'm pretty sure hes nearing 22 lbs, and at least 30 inches....he seems to get longer and longer everyday! Since I am only nursing him twice a day (7 am and 7 pm) I started giving him formula mixed with cereal for breakfast. He has never taken a bottle, and he won't drink the formula straight from the sippy cup.....so I am nervous that he isn't getting enough nutrition.
I feed him about five ounces of the soy formula mixed with a lot of rice or oatmeal and usually a smashed up banana, or some fruit for breakfast, about 6 cubes of veggies/yogurt for lunch, a 3:30 snack (usually cheese, eggs or bread) and then a dinner of 6 veggie cubes. Do you all think thats enough? Should I be giving him more formula during the day mixed in with lunch or dinner? its just so hard incorporating the liquid to pureed veggies....it becomes like soup---and I don't want to "block him up" with too much cereal......
what do you think? I asked the doctor and she said since he's growing so well not to worry about it....but of course, I always worry about my once very preemie baby!

I am so proud of my DOUBLE DIGIT big boy! He is sweet, funny, smart, and VERY VERY energetic. That baby has been on the move.....for as long as I can remember! I can't wait for him to play with his cousin Addison this Christmas. He doesn't get to play with too many kids that often, but he loves being around kids when he can. Tom is worried that Addy won't like him because he has a tendency to give "love swats"....we're working on that, and hopefully he will be nice and gentle with our sweet little niece!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Santa was a SUCCESS!

Phew! I was soooo worried Briggy would be scared of Santa! As I mentioned before, Luis dressed up as santa....and Briggy has mixed reactions to Luis...he sometimes cries when he sees him. I think its because he's so much bigger than Briggy! But not Luis Claus---Briggy had a grand ol' time giggling, waving and pulling his beard! We got a few great pictures---enjoy!

Hello, Santa!

By this time, Briggy was "over it"

He prefers to crawl and climb... he doesn't like to be held too long!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Rent-A-Center Christmas

Tom reminded me that his store is having a "christmas party" tomorrow and that we should stop by because his boss is dressing up as Santa! I can't promise it wont be corny--I'm not sure how it will be set up, but if youre in the area around 4-7 Santa Claus will be at Rent-A-Center in Westfield! Hopefully I can get a good picture with Briggy and the Big Guy.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Decorating at Grandma Urso's

Early this morning we headed down to Torrington for a day of Christmas preparation. My mom waited to decorate the tree until today, so Briggy could get in on the action. He loved grabbing the tree, and the shiny balls. He loves all the adoration Grandma Urso sends his way--he thinks he's a BIG SHOT :) Danielle, (Auntie Dozie) also cuddles and kisses him all day...what boy wouldn't love that from a pretty gal? Here are some fun shots from today!

The cool hat club:
(Doesn't Danielle look like an eskimo-super model?)

The final product:

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

An amazing apostle!

Yesterday, at 91 years of age, Elder Joseph B Wirthlin passed away. What an amazing man, apostle....what an amazing life! He has shared so much with us, helping us all become a little better. Isn't it remarkable that the majority of our leaders live such full, long, happy lives? Not only our leaders, but latter day saints in general. Elder Wirthlin shares a little secret with us, that just may be the reason why:

"The simple secret is this: put your trust in the Lord, do your best, then leave the rest to Him"

I was reading over one of my favorite Wirthlin talks, Concern for the one
there are so many great snipets I could have chosen to share, but these two are special to me, for many reasons, one of which is that I need to remind myself daily that its OKAY that im not the "perfect" mother/wife/latter-day saint....but I'll get there someday.

"Except for the Lord, we have all made mistakes. The question is not whether we will trip and fall but, rather, how will we respond? Some, after making mistakes, stray from the fold. This is unfortunate. Do you not know that the Church is a place for imperfect people to gather together—even with all their mortal frailties—and become better?....I am not aware of any sign on the door of our meetinghouses that reads 'Restricted Entrance—Perfect People Only."

For you members of the Church who hold back because of feelings of inadequacy, I plead with you to step forward, put your shoulder to the wheel, and push. Even when you feel that your strength can add little, the Church needs you. The Lord needs you. Remember that the Lord often chooses “the weak things of the world” to accomplish His purposes

We love you, Elder Wirthlin, and our grateful for your years of dedication and service.