Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Texas for the Tillotsons!

Tom was offered a transfer from Rent-A-Center to a Dallas store. Well, its technically in Dallas, but borders the city, Mesquite. I'm pretty sure the date Tom picked out to start is January 20th. Briggy and I will follow him down shortly after once our lease is expired--I'm hoping we can reunite right around Briggy's first birthday!! (Feb 15th) Tom and I have never spent a night apart, so it should be.....very sad :( I have friends and family that I am going to make stay with me, so I'm not too lonely--plus preggo lady over here has to pack (how fun!?) We've been looking at houses in a town outside of Mesquite--Forney, TX. I just think that Forney is an awful name...I know you all are going to think I'm horrible and a shameful Molly Mormon...but whenever I hear "Forney" I think of horny....isn't that dreadful?
Anyway, its a really quaint town--it is actually the "Antique capital of Texas" pretty neat, huh? Well, I already have my HEART set on a house. At first I had one picked out that was suuuuuuuper nice....huge--but it turns out it was a 'short sale' which can cause a lot of drama and time we don't really need. So I was searching a lot today and came across this cutie thats pretty good sized too.
Its just shy of 2700 sq. ft, 4 bedrooms, has a gameroom, 3 car garage...is in a planned community with tennis courts, soccer fields, basketball, bike trails, recreation/picnic areas, pool, huge playground and there is even an elementary school for the community...very family orientated.
Here are some pics!

It's in our price range, very very affordable, has everything we could ever want....so please keep us in your prayers that if its meant to be, we'll make this house our home and our move will be successful!
It's going to be hard living far far away from both our families, but I am sure Texas is the place for us to be right now.
Not to mention, Briggy will make THE CUTEST COWBOY EVER!



Congrats to you!!! What an exciting adventure. Lucky you get to be close to the Romney's..lol

Nieca and Roger

Congratulations! Unfortunately, my husband owns the title of cutest cowboy, but maybe the baby title is still up for grabs;) Been trying to get in touch with you,quite unsuccessfully, still up for a game of scrabble?? Call me!


Congrats! You, Tom, Briggy, and Baby will be missed! I am happy for you, and I hope your dream house works out!

The Forney Four
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Good luck to you guys! You will be missed. The gals we visit teach will be very disappointed when I don't have anything cute to give them :( Speaking of visiting teaching...we shouild get on that this month! I will try to call you...


I'm cursed. Seriously once I start hanging out with someone they end up moving. but I wish you luck! I love texas! it should be fun for you and your little family! you just better keep in touch!

Jessie Adams

Hey Kelly. I'm not sure if you remember me ( was in the YSA in Hartford for a while) but Tom should. I stumbled upon your blog via some old YSA peeps. I saw that you guys are moving to the Dallas area and that's where my husband Dan and I just moved too! So crazy because I also just found out that Mark Tanner (Tom should know)is moving to Dallas too! Crazy small world. Well I wish you guys the best while moving and I hope you get the house you want.

Rains Family

That's so exciting for you guys! I'm sure there are plenty of houses that you'll love when you go take a look :)