Saturday, December 6, 2008

Decorating at Grandma Urso's

Early this morning we headed down to Torrington for a day of Christmas preparation. My mom waited to decorate the tree until today, so Briggy could get in on the action. He loved grabbing the tree, and the shiny balls. He loves all the adoration Grandma Urso sends his way--he thinks he's a BIG SHOT :) Danielle, (Auntie Dozie) also cuddles and kisses him all day...what boy wouldn't love that from a pretty gal? Here are some fun shots from today!

The cool hat club:
(Doesn't Danielle look like an eskimo-super model?)

The final product:



mommy's hair looks so glamorous! i wish i could've been there. i'm supposed to do my decorations today but i have come down with an evil cold. i'm trying to will myself to do something, but i'm so pooped out.