Saturday, June 26, 2010

A few snap shots from Connecticut

I forgot my memory card when packing for CT! Thank goodness my sister took some really nice photo's of Oliver! There are a few more to come, but here's a little taste of our trip back to new england!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Our new *AWESOME* Sandbox!

Last year I was looking through a Pottery Barn Kids catalog and drooling over all the things I *wish* I could buy for the kids but no way in HECK would ever pay their crazy over-priced amounts. One thing in particular I wanted for the boys was their oversized sandbox with a canopy. It was priced at $600 {not including shipping, cover OR sand} INSANE!! But I loved the special look of it. I think the turtle sandboxes are cute--thats what I had growing up, but they are so small! I wanted Briggy and Ollie to be able to play with friends in there...and even ME! So after finding this AMAZING website: I messaged the lady who runs the site about possibly doing this PBK knockoff--she said she would try to get around to it...and sure enough, she delivered. Right around early spring she posted tutorials and plans {all FREE! by the way} for great outdoor stuff. {adirondack chairs, picnic tables, and of course the sandbox!}
I bought all the wood supplies, screws, paint, cover {I decided to use a canvas dropcloth--way cheaper then buying outdoor material} and sand---and we spent $167. When you compare it to over $700 from PBK--thats a pretty sweet deal---and I was able to customize it with the colors that match our swing set. I am SO happy with how it turned out. Our friends {The Duttons} Daniel and Dayna were AMAZINGLY helpful in showing us the ropes with power tools and general building skills. I envy their know-how, but am grateful for the time they took to teach us and help us out so much. They truly made my vision come to LIFE! I think I am going to have a big piece of plywood cut and painted to cover the actual sand part....with the stormy and windy weather we get, I think it will help protect the sand even more. I plan on having Briggy and Ollies foot prints painted on with the date...and hope to add theirs {and future babies!} footprints each summer. I am so excited to play in the sand tomorrow with the boys!
Seriously, check the site out---she has a bazillion amazing plans for just about every kind of furniture you can think of. you pay like a tenth of the price to do it yourself...and there is such a satisfaction in creating your own projects. Hopefully the boys will appreciate the hard work and love that went into making it.
Thanks again to the Duttons---great, great people! loveeee you guys!
Happy Summer gift to the Briggy and Ollie--the SUMMER HAS BEGUN!!!!!!!!