Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Our new *AWESOME* Sandbox!

Last year I was looking through a Pottery Barn Kids catalog and drooling over all the things I *wish* I could buy for the kids but no way in HECK would ever pay their crazy over-priced amounts. One thing in particular I wanted for the boys was their oversized sandbox with a canopy. It was priced at $600 {not including shipping, cover OR sand} INSANE!! But I loved the special look of it. I think the turtle sandboxes are cute--thats what I had growing up, but they are so small! I wanted Briggy and Ollie to be able to play with friends in there...and even ME! So after finding this AMAZING website: www.knockoffwood.com I messaged the lady who runs the site about possibly doing this PBK knockoff--she said she would try to get around to it...and sure enough, she delivered. Right around early spring she posted tutorials and plans {all FREE! by the way} for great outdoor stuff. {adirondack chairs, picnic tables, and of course the sandbox!}
I bought all the wood supplies, screws, paint, cover {I decided to use a canvas dropcloth--way cheaper then buying outdoor material} and sand---and we spent $167. When you compare it to over $700 from PBK--thats a pretty sweet deal---and I was able to customize it with the colors that match our swing set. I am SO happy with how it turned out. Our friends {The Duttons} Daniel and Dayna were AMAZINGLY helpful in showing us the ropes with power tools and general building skills. I envy their know-how, but am grateful for the time they took to teach us and help us out so much. They truly made my vision come to LIFE! I think I am going to have a big piece of plywood cut and painted to cover the actual sand part....with the stormy and windy weather we get, I think it will help protect the sand even more. I plan on having Briggy and Ollies foot prints painted on with the date...and hope to add theirs {and future babies!} footprints each summer. I am so excited to play in the sand tomorrow with the boys!
Seriously, check the site out---she has a bazillion amazing plans for just about every kind of furniture you can think of. you pay like a tenth of the price to do it yourself...and there is such a satisfaction in creating your own projects. Hopefully the boys will appreciate the hard work and love that went into making it.
Thanks again to the Duttons---great, great people! loveeee you guys!
Happy Summer gift to the Briggy and Ollie--the SUMMER HAS BEGUN!!!!!!!!


Grandma Tina

I love the new sandbox!
The boys will get alot of use out of it this summer.


what fun! I personally have a huge dislike of sandboxes, and with all the night time critters we get here I refuse to build one.
I would look into possibly covering it with material of some sort. possibly vinyl, hauling a piece of plywood on top of there would be pretty heavy, and very un fun to do, plus once it gets wet it may warp.
just a thought have fun in your new toy!

Kelly Tillotson

My first thought was to cover the sand part with some tarp-like material. Im still not really sure what im going to do yet. The good thing about having friends that own a pest control company is that we have great pest control in our yard and home...no bugs or critters! {thank goodness, because texas can have some pretty scary ones!} Im wondering if the plywood will get warped enough to cause a problem...since it has the canvas top protecting it from the majority or precipitation....we have a huge plywood chalkboard up on our fence that hasnt shown much sign of warping...but I guess time will tell.
until then...brigs will be dig dig digging!! :)


I was wondering if you had the measurements or suggestions when making the top fabric cover? Ana didn't have a tutorial for it and I'm just wondering before we decide whether or not to make it. THanks! lexielou67@hotmail.com


Hello! I know this post is old, but I hope you will answer my question... I am the worlds WORST seamstress and just hung up my pathetic, not-gonna-cut-it shade cover. It droops a good 2' down over the sand, since it's just a light canvas material. Your sandbox shade cover looks to be made out of an outdoor rug almost? Can you tell me what you used to make it, and how you put it on there? (I'm thinking staple gun all around the sides?) Thank you SOOOO MUCH!


Double comment because I ALWAYS forget to check the "email me follow up comments" box.... grr. Sorry!