Saturday, June 26, 2010

A few snap shots from Connecticut

I forgot my memory card when packing for CT! Thank goodness my sister took some really nice photo's of Oliver! There are a few more to come, but here's a little taste of our trip back to new england!


Rains Family

Love the new pictures Kelly! Hope you guys had a great trip! Oliver is adorable and I love his outfit ;)


Boy does Oliver look like his daddy! I had planned on coming to see Jessie on the 18th. Was packed and ready to go and then found out that you two were leaving on the 8th!! I was so sad to miss you both. Its my fault, I'm sure for mixing up the date. I hope you had a great vacation. Where are the pics of your parents with Oliver?!? Cant wait to see them :)


My typing is horrible this early in the morning....I meant to write the 18th, not the 8th!?! :/

Grandma Tina

Great pics! Oliver is sooo... cute and his eyes are so blue and beautiful!