Wednesday, May 28, 2008

tummy time!

for awhile, Briggy was doing really well with tummy time. he would really try and move his arms and legs all around, coo and wouldnt even start crying for like 15 minutes of it or so...but lately he has been HATING TUMMY TIME. I mean, screaming like crazy...which made me really concerned because I want to see him crawling around here soon. The other day I decided to first put him on his boppy before the blanket (he loves that boppy like no other) and it worked! he is really starting to lift his head up, and he likes sitting up a lot now too...i need to go get him one of those bumbo seats so he can practice some more...
oh and another first tom got to see!! yesterday i was sort of buzzing around doing errands and cleaning and tom had a chance to play and spend most of the day right by briggy's side. The night before I think Tina was making those "razzing" lip noises, and on tuesday briggy started making them! Im not sure if tom was doing it and briggy was copying, but he called me in to see him do it--it was really cute! he's only done it really good a few times, most of the time you can see him try to do it, but not much sound comes out (a few bubbles yes, but not much else!)


Rains Family

Kelly, remember that miss Addy still hates tummy time! I wouldn't be concerned about the crawling. They have to master sitting up first before they crawl. That is how Addy started. She sits up and rocks herself forward.

Grandma Tina

Soooooooooo cute! Baby Briggy is getting so big!!!! He is catching up to Miss Addy.

Kelly, great dinner basket for the Melewski's! Keep up the good work!