Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Tent is up! (as well as a few other projects)

We finally had time to put Briggy's bed-tent up....HE LOVES IT! I WOULD love it if it wasnt so DANG WRINKLY!!! :(
Any suggestions on how to fix it? I'm afraid to put it in the dryer because its sort of a nylony-plasticy material. We dont have a steamer....hmmmm. We have SOOO much more work to do in that room--I can't wait til its cute and all done. We have another bed-tent for Ollies bed for next year. Im wondering if I should get some big storage bins of some sort to go under the bed, there is quite a bit of space. Some woodsy looking basket-bins perhaps....and our poor lone tree needs friends! One of these days I'd like a few more to make it look like a forest.
Thanks Daddy for putting up the coolest bed EVER!

These are some magnet boards that I put up above my 2 craft tables. I really like the red polka dot one much more...but I ran out of red-ribbon :/ and of course I'm too impatient so I just used my other color for the room--yellow. Still cute. Black and white pictures of the boys were FREE courtesy of all the KODAK gallery credits I had. Score! I love my photo freebies!!!!

This magnet board is in the playroom over the toy storage. All of Briggy's masterpieces (and soon Ollies!!!) hang with pride!

This is a flannel board I hung on the wall near the reading/imagination corner. It originally had chipboard letters above it that said "Laugh and Learn" but Briggy picked them off the wall leaving lovely marks! Ill have to cover that up with some vinyl that he cant pick off in the near future.

(The Tree is a cutout I made from a big load of felt I ordered. I have some Yo Gabba Gabba felt characters I made too, but I thought I'd make a few cutouts for him to play with--the apples are fun for him to pick on and off and practice counting--don't mind my less than professional cutting/artistry--I'ts alot harder than I thought to cut out!) I will be making a lot of these felt cutouts...you can see the tutorial on my friends blog:

It'll be great for teaching my boys, and also for FHE lessons!
There you have it.
February projects and fun!



That bed is so cute! Perfect for a little boy. You are better at the boy thing than me. I need to start thinking more 'boy' for Adam's sake. Less princess and pink!

Rains Family

How adorable Kelly! I love all of the craft projects too, I wish I had the creativity and patience to do it!

Allison Rhien

what a cute house you have, when you're done, you can come and do mine!! As for the wrinkles, I would try hanging it on the outside of the shower (so it doesn't get wet) and turn on the hot shower. Let the room get really steamy.

cool blog,


Can you just spray the tent with water and use a blow dryer? It might work?!? The room looks adorable and I love your magnet boards. Ya know, every camping site has a silver trash can...one of those might look kind of cute in there :)