Monday, August 18, 2008

Briggy's 6 month checkup

Today Briggy went to the doctors for the dreaded shots! (Mostly because I DREAD them!) I hate hearing that sad scream. He actually didnt scream as much as last time, just a quick one and then he stopped. Which was a great relief to me, I hate seeing him upset. Anyway, I looked back on cousin Addy's blog to see her 6 month stats and was hoping Briggy would have caught up to her (or at least close) by now....he didnt want to be smaller than his pretty little girl cousin!!! I had guessed he would be about 16 1/2 lbs....but he was actually just shy of 17, at 16lbs 14 oz. (which is in the 75th percentile) He's tall!!! Briggy is in the 90-95% at 26 1/2 inches, and his head is caught up to "normal" too (finally! I thought I had a shrunken head baby when he was in at 3% at birth!!) at 17inches which is the 75%, I believe. Brigham doesnt have any OFFICIAL teeth yet...I know I blogged saying he had one, but the doctor said it was a "water packet" or something...where the tooth will make its debut shortly. "He is an extraordinarily happy, active baby who has a major appetite!" so says Dr. Malloy. He is on his way to sitting up completely on his own...the doctor said give it a month (he usually leans and plops over a few seconds afterwards now..) Briggy is doing great!! He just had some winter squash for dinner last night, and loved it. (Even though Super Baby Food reccommends papaya and mango now....) the doctor recommended to hold off of that for another month or so...she wants him to eat more basic foods like pears, peaches, green beans and carrots. Briggy's been good at eating just about everything in sight!
I love my Briggly Wiggly!


Grandma Tina

Great job Briggs!!!! I'm glad he made it through those nasty shots.

Briggy and Addy are the best eaters I have ever seen! I hope they keep it up!

Rains Family

Great job Brigster!! Sounds like you are doing quite well!! And I think Addy was right at 17 lbs at 6 months (I don't know if I posted that or not). So he has caught up!!