Monday, August 25, 2008

Brigham the Beast

Oh Boy. Boy oh Boy. Today has been one of the WORST days with Brigham I have EVVVVERRR had!!! I feel so bad for him, because he's teething and its not his fault....but ai yi yi--it makes you wonder 'what the HECK was I THINKING having one of these!' Ive tried everything to make him happy, holding him, rocking him, ice ring, massaging his gums. He is just plain miserable and letting the ENTIRE apartment complex know about it. He would not nap regularly today at all. I think he total slept about 30 minutes from the time he woke up (which was early) until now. I normally feed him at 730 and then he's usually asleep by 8. after about 40 minutes of straight screaming, I just plopped him in his crib---I needed a break...or I'd be missing CLUMPS of hair. Well he just stopped screaming now...this is probably going to mess his whole sleep cycle up tonight, but right now I dont care. Im going crazzzzy. Ive heard only bad things about baby orajel...and hes not crazy about that ice ring, what else is there?! Help!!!
This picture pretty much sums up my day.


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here's something to try {I've always had success with}
slightly damen a waith cloth and place inside a bag and put inside the frezer for abotu 15 minutes. then let Briggy go to town with it. it works much better than those teething rings and you can just throw it into the wash when you are done! :):) I hope it helps. and his teeth come in fast..for your sanity anyway!


I used orajel and tylenol with both my babies, no problems. Good luck..poor Briggy.


Poor Brigham! I was lucky...Owen never complained too much when he was teething. Have you tried Tylenol? That will probably make him feel better...and get him to sleep a little...Woo Hoo!


I use teething tablets. You can get them at Wal-Mart or at a health food store. There are a couple of different brands, but they all work great. They are a homeopathic product. Teething tablets are just tiny little white tablets that dissolve in your baby's mouth. The work like a charm. My friend's turned me on to them years ago, when they were harder to find, and I LOVE them. They are usually by the baby orajel or ask the pharmacist to tell you where they are.

Rains Family

So sorry mama! I was lucky with Addy who didn't seem bothered by her teeth, but I've heard people say good things about teething tablets. You should also try tylenol or motrin. The washcloth idea sounds great and I've heard about that from somewhere else. He'll get through this soon!!