Friday, August 1, 2008

Contest Copy-Cats

I hope you aren't upset with us Brock, but when we read about the baby cover contest I got so excited! Tom and my Mom have been wanting me to enter Brigham into a contest for awhile now, but I hadn't heard of any. When I read your blog and saw what the contest was, we thought we'd give it a shot. I think there can be five winners....lets hope the Springfield Ward "B-Boys" win! So when you all are done voting for Brock, how about mosey-ing down to Briggy's gallery? We'd sure appreciate the support! Thanks for the fun idea, Brock!
Here's the website for Briggy's spot. (sorry, I still cant figure out how to do the direct link....)

In other news: Briggy had a battle with his sneaker today....and Briggy won!



steal my thunder why don't you! we so can't be friends now! JUST KIDDING i hope we both win win win. people just better go vote for our little boys!

Rains Family

I went to the website, and I didn't see anything about voting (you'll have to let me know how I could vote for Briggy). I think there may be a panel of judges who pick. You chose great pictures! Too adorable! I may submit Addy, if I can get my act together and find some good pitures :)


Briggy will win, if not it's rigged. Aunt Kelly, you're a hero in our house. The kids went crazy over their summer gifts. We're making slushes tonight. Thank you for being so thoughtful!!!!So sweet!!!