Thursday, July 10, 2008


For some reason, I name everything of Briggy', blankets, pacifiers...anything. they all have silly/ridiculous names. Anyway, this happy little fox with jiggly legs is fondly refered to as "jengo" in our home. Besides Mr Monkers, this is one of Briggy's most beloved. Today, for about 20-30 minutes Briggy held him, examined him and WOULD NOT LET HIM GO! It was like he was entranced. Lately he has been a lot more playful with his toys. picking up the rattle (usually to gnaw on them) and toting around his animal friends.
Good Ol' Jengo.

Tom and Brigham: my husband eats baby ears....and holy smokes! look at those legs! Briggy's got his mama's rolls and cellulite!!!! ha! (sorry, briggers)


Shull Family

Hi Kellie,
You posted a comment on my blog about whether or not I know your uncle. I don't know him but what a small world that he lives in McKinney too. Our town is growing rapidly, so it's hard to keep up. Thanks for the wonderful comments about my being pregnant. A pregnant gal likes to hear that stuff. Have a wonderful weekend and good luck with your Miss America party!