Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Veggie Adventures Continue.....

Tuesday was Briggy's first encounter with the sweet potato. I think he really enjoyed it! I was suprized by the sweetness of it--ive never had sweet potato before! We gave him some Gerber Organic sweet potato because AGAIN my westfield organic search failed. I didnt go to stop and shop...but I went to every other grocery store and Choice Health...nothing. So last night, we all headed up to Hadley for a Trader Joe's visit. I bought like 6 yams (thank you to the Rain's by the way--Tom and I could only find yams and didnt know if they were the same what did we do? call the baby pro's down in VA :) and we bought some avacado. After we put Briggy to bed last night Tom and I pureed away.....and
BIG NEWS at the Tillotsons:
Briggy has his first TOOTH! I thought I felt something on Monday, but I had a hard time seeing in his mouth with Briggy fidgeting..but yesterday Grandma Tina noticed it...and we all got a good look.
Our little baby is growing up!



I love sweet potatoes. Yummy. Yummy. Congrats to Briggy on the new tooth!


He's not old enough for teeth yet! don't you want him to just stay little forever? can't believe how fast our boys are growing up!