Sunday, July 13, 2008


I just wanted to take a few pictures of Brigham in the cute shirt his auntie jessie and uncle collin bought for him. all day today we learned about alligators (his shirt has a description on it) and we learned what sound alligators make:
SNAP SNAP SNAP! I made the little alligator mouth snapping with my hand--everytime I did it and said SNAP! he would squeal in delight. Brigham is really starting to develop a personality--its so fun to see it shine through more and more each day. What's really neat is that he has two distinct sides: MOMMY and DADDY. On one hand Briggy is a TOTAL ham, laughing smiling, needing attention and acting a bit clingy (which is exactly how I was growing up...and in some ways still am!) But then he has a VERY TOM side to him. He looks quiet serious and is very observant. He loves to people watch and always has the serious "trying to figure things out" look about him. Its pretty funny to see both...but I must admit I LOVE hearing him giggle--and now he has this little dimple on his left cheek which is postively delightful.

On Sunday evening, Tom and I took our rolly-polly on a little strolley! we love going to Stanley Park. It is really one of this nicest parks I have ever seen. It was lovely weather out (except for those dang buzzy bugs)
after our walk, briggy was itching to get out of the we thought we'd try the baby swing. he is such a tiny little peanut in the swing. tom said he looked like a little bird in its shell....awh. briggy liked the playground because he thinks he's really cool and much older than he really is!


time to go home! i was trying to capture his puffy pouty frown he always does, but my junky camera has such a delay on it...he still looks pretty bummed out!



We love Stanley Park too! Briggy is growing so fast! They say time flies when you are having fun!


Let him go on the swings lots! We didn't put Owen on a swing for a long time...and the last time we went to Stanley Park and put him in the swing he acted like we were trying to murder him or something!!! I guess it had been too long since the swing.

another day in the life of...

You can see that adorable dimple in one of the swing pictures, so cute!