Friday, July 25, 2008

Pioneers vs. Mass Mutuals!

Tonight we went to our first Vintage Baseball game! We had so much fun! It was so nice out (minus the bugs!) I packed snacks and dinner for us, but they had plenty of stuff there: my favorite I saw was a PICKLE ON A STICK! how silly! Normally on July 25th I like to celebrate "Christmas in July" but today Im afraid we had the most summery july night you could possibly have! Oh well, next July will be more fun with Briggy doing christmasy things. This was Briggy's first game and he loved looking around at everyone and all the food! He had his eye on my cracker jacks all night...he even tried grabbing the box a few times--the little sneak! It was neat to see everyone dressed up in early 20th century gear....they even had ladies dressed up as suffragettes protesting womens rights to vote! In the flyer I thought I saw a juggler and a guy on a unicyle...but they might just do that on certain days. They had a free raffle to win a $50 gift card for gas and guess who won!? My very own Hubber! I told him to go fill one out, that I had a "good feeling" pretty lucky, huh? considering I usually never win anything! I wanted to get a picture of Briggy and the players, but we ended up packing up and leaving right as the game ended---its was way past briggy's late night snack and bedtime! We plan on going to the Championship game in mid-August with Grandma and Grand-dad....maybe even Uncle Nicky! Tickets are more affordable if you buy in "bulk" you can get a seven punch ticket for $35 instead of paying $10 a person. Children under 3 are free! I would really recommend going---it was a lot of fun! Tomorrow there's a double header starting at FOUR PM...The Westfield Wheelman are playing. You can buy tickets at Bullens Field before the game!