Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I dont know HOW the Tillotsons do it.....

When I first met Tom I was so nervous to meet his family because they are all so SPORTS crazed. They love baseball and can talk for hours about sports junk. well not me. i never liked sports...dont play 'em dont watch 'em...SOMEHOW over our courtship and marriage I have slowly warmed up to sports...brainwashing i tell ya. ANYWAY, when we were at the library today I noticed a poster for Vintage Baseball.

Pretty cool, huh? I do like baseball A LOT more than I ever thought I could....and when you throw in anything vintage Im always game. This looks like so much fun and its right in our rinky-dink town! heres a little blurb about it and directions--we are excited to go to some games....if any of you guys are thinking about going (maybe this is old news and you already have made plans...) maybe we could get tickets for the same day and all sit together. anyway, the main site is

**The 2008 Playoffs and World Championship will be as much a festival as a sports event. Teams arrive in horse-drawn hay wagons and costumed actors perform historical skits, while NYCF and Boys and Girls Club kids, wearing in newsboy caps and suspenders, hawk peanuts and Crackerjacks in the stands. Clowns, jugglers, and barbershop quartets will add to the 19th century atmosphere. Bullens Field itself will feature a hand-operated scoreboard, vintage style barnwood billboards,
and period music. Prizes will be awarded to those fans judged to be the best examples of 19th century manners and dress.**

Mass Pike (route 90) to exit 3 - Westfield. Right at the light after the toll onto 202/10. Go 1.5 miles and make a right at the light onto route 20. Go 1/2 a mile and make a left onto Smith Avenue. Bullens Field is behind the vocational school.


Rains Family

Wow, that sounds so cool!! I wish we could go! Jeff says to get Big Daddy T to dress up and play the part :)


so cool! even collin would be into going to one of those games!


Thanks for the reminder! I know they did this last year and Scott wanted to go...but we forgot all about it. I'll make sure to remind him tonight.