Saturday, July 19, 2008

Briggy's vegetable adventure

Last night Tom put together Briggy's new highchair. I have been feeding him rice cereal this past was going so-so. I dont think he quite understands the "new" way to eat. Practice makes Perfect--we're working on it! I initially planned on feeding him avacado first. But the grocery store didnt have organic avacado....and I had my heart set on feeding him today in his new the one thing I have at home is a few jars of Green Pea by Earth's best. I plan on mostly feeding him homemade foods...but Erin gave me a few jars, so I thought I'd try it out! It was strange...on some mouthfuls it looked like he was okay with it...then on others.....he burst into tears. I dont like peas...never did. my mother said i gagged on them as a baby and wouldnt eat them...He didnt gag...but as you can see in some pic's he doesnt look too thrilled. In the end, Briggy's lion bib had a hearty lunch of peas...and briggy saliva. I think on tuesday when Grandma Tina is over we'll try out some sweet potato :)


Rains Family

I've still never fed Addy peas. It's one of those foods that you can't really make because you can't re-freeze anything that is already frozen. Anyhow, I don't blame Briggy for not liking them because they are yucky in that jar!! Try giving him some roasted sweet potatoes-- they are sooo good! He looks so grown-up in those pictures, like a little man!


Yummy!!!!He's toooo cute. The peas are good for him. We can't move to Mass. but you guys can move here and be our neighbors. The crack heads next door finally moved. It's toooo cold in Mass, I'm a California girl. We love to visit the East coast there's so much to do.


The fun begins...veggies! Owen loved peas, and still does. Now he eats the real things though, which I think are much better than the canned variety. Fruit is fun too...babies love fruit! Mr. Lion bib won't get as much fruit as he will veggies!

Grandma Tina

Just Peas are nasty!!!!!!!
I like the peas in my layered salad. When I was a kid my mother made me eat peas before I was excused from the dinner table. I used to spit them out in a napkin and flush them down the toilet.
Their are alot of other veggies that are much tastier and better for Briggy.You count peas as a starch at Weight Watchers.