Saturday, October 31, 2009

Briggy plays dress-up

This day was so cute. Briggy ran into our bedroom closet and pulled out a few of toms items that were in his reach...I was in the kitchen, when out comes briggy trying to put on daddy's clothes--as I was taking the photos I kept thinking I would think this was staged if I just saw the pics...but I promise, he did this on his own! I think almost every little kid has a picture of themselves dressing in their mom or dads clothes--(It was still pretty hot when I took these pics..late september...thats why you'll see briggy alot half dressed!)

This was after a family lunch at Jack-in-the-box! Briggy made good use of the halloween bucket as his hat! He was doing it in the restaurant and had every laughing and clapping as he put it on and off on and off on and off....thats pretty much all he did the rest of the day, and of course checked himself out in the mirror doing it too!