Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Awesome Baby Products Giveaway!

I had to stop and think for a second and change my post title. Originally I had "Awesome Baby Giveaway!" There will be NO GIVING OF BABIES---okay, maybe Briggy...just for a few hours! ;)

One of my favorite coupon blogs, DealfindingChik is having such a nice giveaway. Every day she posts a ton of awesome deals that keep my grocery/everything budget WAY IN CHECK! (under budget most of the time!) With awesome ladies like her I have saved over $1300 so far this year (thats less than 3 months!!!!!!!!!) She's giving tons of much need practical baby stuff--wipes, soap, medicine....you name it. check out the link here....and seriously check her site everyday she always has great stuff posted!!! (my favorite deal from this past week was the bow tie and clip on tie for the boys I ordered online for A DOLLAR because of the coupon code she posted---perfect for church and not a ton of money!)


Deal Finding Chik