Thursday, March 25, 2010

Easter Craft Eggstravaganza!

I do a lot of craft projects with Briggy because he loves doing "art" and it really helps him focus. For each holiday I always do special projects, and lately I thought we should invite friends over to do it, and make it a kid-craft party....(we had a fun valentines party last month, but i forgot to take picturs :/ I made sure to get a few today!) I invited a few friends from the ward and they made bunnies and treat-nests. For a special treat Briggy gave each friend a "carrot" filled with jelly beans and some peeps for his peeps. (you can find this freebie download here: )

(Ollie is MIA from the pictures because he was snoozin' away! he takes his morning nap from 9 am-11:30)
It was a fun morning. Briggy's already had his fair share of "annnndddeeeee!" today and its only 1 pm ;/

Here are a few springy decorations I put up. I was hoping to have an easter egg tree, but that looks like it'll have to wait til next year.


Rains Family

Love the decorations Kelly!! And the crafts are adorable, I'm surprised Briggy is so good at his crafts. From what I hear, boys are so much different than girls when it comes to doing crafts. Teach him early!

Grandma Tina

Fun,Fun!!!!!Great Easter ideas!
Your entry way looks very springy!

Great job Miss Kelly!