Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Santa's workshop!

When my oldest sister and I were younger, we always dedicated a week right around this time of year to making all things Christmas. We pretended we were elves, decorated, crafted, listen and sang to christmas music....it was all very organized its one of my favorite christmas time memories/traditions.
I carried on the tradition with the boys starting this week. We made gingerbread houses, cut and pasted lots of construction paper loops, dressed up in elf & santa gear, and rocked out to Christmas music. We still have plenty days left to go, but I thought I'd post up a couple from these past few days!

Hmmm...the pictures I took of today arent loading for some reason....I'll have to try to fix it and add more later....


Rains Family

What a cute idea Kelly! I should post pictures of our Gingerbread house-- it's pretty messy!

Grandma Tina

It looks like you had fun decorating the gingerbread house.
I'm glad you found it!


i was just thinking about how we used the fisher price kitchen to hold crafting supplies... ahhh, memories!


What a fun mommy you are!