Sunday, December 6, 2009


Here are some fun photos of the boys playing. Briggy loves playing with the boxes that I have been getting lately--i've been doing A LOT of online shopping! Last night I placed my lassssssssssssttttt order...I'm DONE!
Oliver is growing like a weed! He really loves the Jumperoo--it's definitely his favorite thing to do! He is really good with tummy time, but hasn't attempted to roll over yet....I think he's too heavy! He loves sitting up, and likes to have his feet planted on the ground and pretend to walk--I wonder if he'll be one of those babies who never crawls and just starts walking!!! Briggy was a crawling machine, so we'll have to wait and see over the next month or two....



Oh my gosh, Oliver looks just like you Kelly and Briggy looks just like Tom!! It is just amazing! I love the little Santa suit on Briggy. It fits him perfectly, so I imagine Oliver will be wearing it next year! What a beautiful little family!