Monday, April 20, 2009

Briggy's woodland wonderland...

When we knew we were going to buy a house, we (okay, maybe more I) started to plan out what each room's "theme"/"color scheme" would be. Ever since Briggy's birth my family and I have been buying Briggy little "woodland creature" toys and stuffed naturally I wanted to create a woodland/camping theme for his big boy room. Well, after some searching online, I found the CUTEST line from Woolrich. They sell it at Target. The only thing is, its a little pricey, so instead of going crazy and buying every piece my sister (thanks, jess) brought be back down to earth and suggested I just buy pieces of it and supplement it with cheaper matching bed spreads. Briggy won't be able to have the bedding and bed accessories until he's 2 when we move him to a big boy bed, but I plan on decorating his room with everything else during these next few weeks. The only thing I haven't found was a cute fake-log-fire set. I wanted to create a little sitting space that had the pretend flames....Its not a nessecity, but I thought it'd be cute.

We were debating on what color to paint his room. At first I thought a khaki-ish color like a scouting uniform, because I didn't want a cliche blue boys room. But then after thinking about how the tree decals would look, we thought a sky-colored back drop would be best. We found "Calm Sky" from Olympic paint which is a really nice color. Its not too 'baby blue'...its very realistic and earthy.
Here are the pine tree decals I plan on buying from I think I'll put about 3 of them up throughout the room:

I have a brown faux suede curtain panel for his room right now, but I'd like to top it with the valance from the woolrich line:

The REALLY cute twin quilt set its like 90 bucks, so I think I'll forego that and settle for a brown comforter set...but I think I might get these sheets:

Here's just a cute accent pillow from the woolrich line:

I just think this is so cute! I knew I wanted to incorporate lanterns in the room, but I wasnt sure how---so glad I came across this woolrich line!

The COOLEST PART! At first I envisioned a corner with a little pup tent and the log fire going...but then I saw these! These tents go OVER the bed, making there bed a tent! Isn't that soo cool? Can't you picture Briggy in a couple years with a flash light flipping through some books under there?

I think I want to add those glow stars on the ceiling too, to make it look like the night sky, and Im not sure if I want to paint the ceiling a darker blue, what do you think?

Briggy and Oliver will share the room when Ollie is 2, so Briggy will have his own room for awhile, but I think the room will look best when the two of them with their cool tents are together :)

I can't wait to get it all together for my little camper :)



I love the idea of a camping/ woodland room! it will be so cute!


Sounds like a fun project and I'm sure the end result will be adorable!

Grandma Tina

The "Woodland" pattern is very cute! I can't wait to see the room when you get it finished!