Friday, May 1, 2009

Mothers day photo shoot

I needed a cute picture of Brigham holding this flower as part of my mothers day gift to the grandmas. Well, photographing Briggy is nearly impossible--because he moves so quickly, makes scrunchy faces or closes his eyes, and my camera speed is like a turtle. We really need some professional photos taken.

Anyway, here are a couple I took, I gave up pretty quick:

Here's the infamous "scrunch face" it cracks me up--if its bright, or windy...or when he first wakes up and I turn the light on--thats what I'm greeted with. He looks like such a grump!


Rains Family

Oh my goodness, look at his red hair!! Or at least it looks red in the pictures. Briggy is getting his hair!! So cute, he has changed into a little man!

Grandma Tina

Wow, the Brigg's is so big! He is sooooo......... adorable and that face! Thanks for the nice pics.