Monday, May 25, 2009

2nd Anniversary and Summer Fun!

We are so lucky to have such a fun swimming/play area in our neighborhood. Its two streets close! Briggy and I swing and play there often, but this weekend was the opening of the pool. I was a little hesitant to go because I imagined bazillions of people there, and I'm not crazy about crowded places. But they have scheduled hours so "family time" from 9-12 today was perfect. We even had the entire kiddie pool to ourselves for most of the time we were there. The kiddie area is nice because there is a canopy over most of the pool and a sprinkle-fountain in the center. Briggy just loved it. He splashed and tried to swim and jump out of his tube the ENTIRE time...He is not afraid of the water at all!

We just put Brigs to sleep (7pm) so we will have the night to ourselves to enjoy our anniversary. We decided to do what we did the majority of our honeymoon. Kiss and play Rummy. Yes, Rummy. We played constantly during our honeymoon because the weather was on and off throughout the day...oh and Tom threw in "watch basketball" because we did do that too...what can I say, its the playoffs. Next year I am hoping to get away for the day and do something a little more fancy and romantic, but this year it was nice to just lounge and play with my two favorite guys. (I should say 3 because Oliver makes himself VERY PRESENT! He is constantly kicking me...I mean you can see him jabbing through my clothes and everything...He is super active---way more than even Briggy was--and he wasn't shy in the womb either.....I have a feeling I am going to have another HYPERACTIVE WILD MAN! on the loose. Pray for us!!!

Here are some fun summer pics!! Briggy's first time in the REAL big boy pool!


Rains Family

Happy Anniversary!! Looks like the pool is a big hit too! Briggy is going to have such a fun summer!


It looks like you had a great day! Happy Anniversary to you two! Kelly you need to put up some pics of yourself.

Kelly Tillotson

No one wants to see the worlds heaviest pregnant woman--its not a pretty sight...maybe in a few months....

Grandma Tina

It looks like you guys had a nice anniversary! The pool looks great! I'm sure Brigg's will enjoy it all summer long.