Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Brigham's first haircut!!

I know, you're probably thinking to yourself...."does he have any hair to CUT?" but it really was getting shaggy on the sides and he had a mullet going on in the back. Even the top hair was getting long...its just the front sides that are taking forever to grow in.
We found this really fun hair salon for kids in Mesquite "cool cuts 4 kids" it has tvs, video games and an old-fashioned car for little ones to sit in. Briggy had sooooo much fun! He looks so handsome now with his "clean-cut" daddy hair! I just can't get over how grown-up Briggy's getting!!!

Here are a couple "before" shots:

Having a blast with his "stylist" Jessica. She was really sweet.


Grandma Tina

Wow, what a fun hair-salon! The Brigg's must of had a great time!
He is getting soooo... big and very handsome!