Thursday, May 7, 2009

Splish Splash!

We have been having some cruddy weather out here in Texas. Its hot and muggy, but often rains throughout the day, and we've had some crazy thunderstorms. Finally, today was the DAY! I have been wanting to blow up the little kiddie pool for Briggy so we could play outside. Even though it was cloudy, there was no rain scheduled to pour down on us, so I thought we'd have fun after lunch. Briggy loves the bath so I knew he would love the pool....May 21st the neighborhood pool opens....he's gonna be even more psyched! We had fun splashing around for about an hour.
I just love his swim trunks. Sort of a teal/ocean blue with brown pineapples on them. So cute!

PS--I haven't really posted anything about this, but I've decided to classify Brigs as walking. The past couple weeks he can take 10-20 steps consecutively, and I'd say that was pretty good. I don't know why I figured "walking" meant exclusively walking....because right now he mixes up walking and crawling...but its going down in history...Briggy was walking at 14 months.
I am kind of shocked on how long the process took. A few steps before his first birthday, and then pretty much nothing for two months. I'm not sure when he'll be exclusively walking...but he seems like he's making an effort more to walk to things than thats a good sign. Go Brigs!

My little boys pineapple booty! (that mark on his back is a weird birthmark, not a bruise)


Grandma Tina

I love Briggy's swim trunks! He'll love the pool this summer! Soooo cute!