Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mothers Day to all of you beautiful mommies!! I am so super lucky to have two moms that I love soooo much. Of course my mother, Teresa has always been an example to me of womanhood, motherhood and beauty. And you know how in movies and tv shows no one ever seems to get along with or like there inlaws? I have THE BEST inlaws ever. I don't even like calling them "in laws" because it seems so "other" mom, Tina is beautiful, smart, amazing and a great example of a strong latter day saint woman. Thank you both for always supporting and loving me as much as you do.

I made a little gift for each mom...well really it was Briggy's idea....He loves his grandmas:

just a nice little picture/frame to cherish the cutest little brigham ever.

My boys were awfully sweet to me today, giving me a very sweet and sentimental card (Tom is really good about that) and two beauuuuuuuuutiful gifts!!

I love my willow tree figurines...I have 8 now!! They are just so precious.
Thank you, Tom and Briggy (and baby Oliver) for being such nice boys!


Rains Family

Happy Mother's Day Kelly!! Glad you had a wonderful day. We love you!!

Rains Family

P.S.--- I love the MOther's day gifts you made!! Too cute!!

Grandma Tina

Yes, the Mother's Day gift is soooo..... cute! I LOVE IT! I have the perfect spot!

Thanks for the nice compliments!
You and Devon are my daughter's and are very special in my life. I thank the Lord each day for giving me special girl's for my son's.

I love all my girl's!!!!!!!!


Love this very sweet picture frame! Thanks for sharing your idea! Can't wait to try it! ~tina