Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Messy Messy

Finger foods are not always fun at the Tillotson household. Well, I guess its fun for Brigham when hes flinging it every which way and rubbing into his hair, but its not so much fun for the mommy who seems to be sweeping and scrubbing after every meal and snack. The past few days have been particularly frustrating, because Briggy is not eating that much...he hides it in the corner of his chair, or wildly brushes it off his tray onto the floor...I'm not sure what his deal is, but he'd rather been fed by me than leaving it up to him....I thought it was supposed to be the other way around...my ALMOST 15 month old little boy would rather be spoon fed yogurt and purees than big boy food...what happened?
These pictures show what insued during lunch time (which was a little later than normal because he over slept...you can see he doesnt look quite himself--a little groggy looking...he either has another little cold or allergies, and just hasnt been quite right the past couple days)
I had to strip this boy down and get all the sticky carrot zucchini cake off of him...he was COATED. Seriously, Brigs..did you have to rub it in your hair, ears and every other crevice?
Here's my little "rascal":

Doesn't he look like a (sweet) evil villan here? the way his eyes look and his pose...it made me think of doctor evil.



heaven help you! I really really really dislike the messy eater stage. That's probably why I've only given Brock crackers, puffs, and bread to feed himself, the rest I do! although I have started dipping his spoon into his food and letting him feed himself! {with my guided help} the joys of mother hood!
to answer you question from a few posts ago, Yes Brock is still nursing! He takes the formula just fine when we are out and about, and even at the house but he seems happier and fuller after nursing. besides it's still the best thing for him, I'm planning on weaning him closer to 14 months or so, and then doing half milk/ half formula, I actually might do powdered milk for a while, we will see. Anyway hope Brigham gets a little more tidy while eating, just wait til the little one is here and then you will have 2 to take care of!

Rains Family

Oh Briggers!! I think it's cute he wants mommy to feed him, and it is nicer that you can avoid messes. Addy was a DISASTER with yogurt and other foods, and she refused to let me feed her. I think his decrese in appetite is definitely normal. He can't possibly keep up his baby eating ways through the 2nd year of life or else he'd weigh 100 lbs!!