Monday, April 14, 2008

oh happy day!

today was a great day! although brigham was bright-eyed about 7:30 am and was pretty much awake until his first real nap around 5:30 PM....we had a lot of time to play. While I was attempting to get him to nap in the pack n play, he was starting to coo and make cute little happy noises while looking at his little musical monkey toy I have set up in his line of vision. So I went over to admire how cute my son was being and started shaking a rattle in front of him making silly faces and saying silly things. and YEA! it finally happened! He smiled a real smile--I am sure of it. His first real "happy baby" smile and not just "i have a lot of gas" smile! I grabbed the camera and tried to recreate the moment and I actually did get one more big smile out of him. the day before his two month birthday! he finally got in a couple milestones I was hoping he'd conquer! now if only he could conquer a full nights sleep......


The Tillotsons

Hello Kelly, What a small world! how ironic that they are more Tillotson's out there, that also happen to be LDS! Thanks for the comment on our blog. Your family is also beautiful and your baby is too adorable!! I wonder if our families are somehow connected?? There are very few Tillotsons in UT, the only other ones we know of are affiliated with NU Skin, and people always think that we're related to them. Are you related to them? Well, enjoy all the cuddle time with your new one! He'll be so big before you know it! ;-) ~Emalia


He is getting cuter each time you blog! Hey, did you ever get the "chip off the ole' block shirts I sent?