Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Briggy's vaccine day

Last tuesday Briggy got his first round of shots. Before we left I "drugged" him up. As soon as I gave him the tylenol he pretty much fell asleep. He was pretty tough when it came to the shots. He let out one big yelp--and his face was redder than a radish. But right after he snuggled up in my arms and calmed right down. The rest of the day was daddy-briggy bonding time watching american idol while i was at jocelyn's baby shower. its weird how only being away from him for a couple hours seems like an eternity---i dream about getting away sometimes, because he's always latched on to me one way or another...but when i do get that moment away all i think about is him! my little barnacle, thats what jessie calls him. hes such a good boy.

later that night Tom and Briggy were passed out. Poor Tom. He leaves for school at like 7 am, then goes straight to work, then comes home at 8 pm. After a quick dinner, he's usually passed out soon after. At least they get to snooze together!


Grandma Tina

I can't believe how much Briggy has grown in the last couple of weeks! The boys look so peaceful.